Monday, March 3, 2008

Lost Link Dump

Happy Monday! (If there is such a thing)

Few things I've been meaning to point out to everyone:

1) Looks like some of Evangeline Lilly's co-stars are getting tired of her behind-the-scenes antics.
"They like to come up with gruesome scenarios for her character's demise," says the tipster.
Sounds like a Fark photoshop contest to me. (speaking of which, don't miss this one - best I've seen in a long, long time).

2) Great article in the Boston Globe on Lost and time travel.

3) Memphish has a not-to-be-missed post up on similarities between Lost and Slaughterhouse 5.

4) The voting's not done yet, but so far readers have given "The Constant" a 9.8, making it their #1 ranked episode. These rankings tend to come down over time, but it's still likely to remain in the Top 10.

5) Ben Lundy has some LOST inspired silliness over at the Lost Elders (which I do hope to get a post or two up over there soon, should my schedule allow).

6) Cool LOST caricatures! I saw these awhile ago, but *ahem* lost the URL I had bookmarked. Anyhoo I StumbledUpon it again and now I have a new avatar! =)

I don't think I could be more excited for this Thursday! Woo hoo!


Capcom said...

Thanks for the fun links! Heheh, Locke looks like Mr.Clean in that artwork, but it's very nice work. :-D

Capcom said...

P.S. Wow, that doesn't seem like what we've read about Evi in other articles so far. Are they sure they didn't mean Fox?

Jay said...

I've heard some random stuff that she was a bit of a diva, but nothing this bad. Of course, you have to take the gossip with a grain of salt. =)

Nice new Nausicaa logo, Capcom!