Friday, June 19, 2009


Kitchen remodeling and work has kept me from getting the new poll up, but I'll have it up by Monday. :)

Have a good weekend everyone!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Best Scene Of Season 5

Results from the last poll. Quite the variety, eh? This season really had some terrific moments all throughout.
Sayid "kills" young Ben Linus (He's Our You) - 6 votes

Zombie Locke tells Ben he's going to kill Jacob (Follow The Leader) - 5 votes

Juliet detonates the bomb (The Incident) - 4 votes

"Hello, Ben. Welcome back to the land of the living." (Whatever Happened, Happened) - 4 votes

"Hello, Jin. I'm Danielle. Danielle Rousseau." (The Little Prince) - 3 votes

Zombie Locke comes across an unconscious Ben (The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham) - 2 votes
Next week's poll is going to be something somewhat similar in that we're going to pick the best scene of Season 5, but I'm going to need some help choosing the selections. There's certainly a lot to choose from and I really want to pick the best of the best. Also, the above scenes are all open for inclusion. My short list:
Locke meets Richard and Charles Widmore in 1954 (Jughead)

Danielle finds Jin (The Little Prince)

Danielle kills Montand (This Place Is Death)

Locke (with a broken leg) turns the wheel in front of "Christian" (This Place Is Death)

Jack and company realize Lapidus if flying their plane (316)

Ben kills Locke (The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham)

Introducing Jim LaFleur (the opening scene of that episode)

Sawyer confronts Richard in 1974 (LaFleur)

Sayid "kills" Ben Linus (He's Our You)

Miles argues with Hurley about time travel (Whatever Happened, Happened)

Smokey Alex gives Ben an order (Dead is Dead)

Miles and Hurley go for a ride with Dr. Chang (Some Like It Hoth)

Kate crashes Sawyer and Juliet's party on the sub (Follow The Leader)

Locke gets Richard to close his time loop (Follow The Leader)

Jacob converses with his Nemesis (The Incident)

Zombie Locke tells Ben that he's the one who's going to kill Jacob (The Incident)

Sawyer and Company finally run into Bernard, Rose and Vincent (The Incident)

Ben kills Jacob, Zombie Locke pushes his body into the fire (The Incident)

Juliet detonates the bomb (The Incident)
I tried to pick scenes that affected me emotionally and ones that ran the gamut from seriousness to wonder, humor to revulsion. I hated the multiple love triangles this season, but the scene with Sawyer, Juliet and Kate in the sub was (IMHO) one of the season's best simply because it made me feel so awful for Juliet afterwards. In contrast, Kate's tearful goodbye with Aaron (that perhaps some of you liked better) really had no effect on me.

So anything I missed? Any favorite scene I should include? I'll keep this bumped for a couple days then post the poll. :)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

New Poll

Not surprisingly, "The Incident" ran away with the best episode poll, though quite a few other episodes got at least one vote - certainly more than I thought would. The new poll is for the best LOST ending of Season 5, i.e. a shock trombone ending that has to be the last moment or two of the episode.

I picked the ones I thought were best overall rather than listing every single one (like Desmond telling Penny he has to go to Oxford in "Because You Left"). This poll, I think, will be a bit more divided between a couple choices. See what you think.

I'll be away until next Tuesday, but should have a new poll for next week and maybe a posting or two upon my return. Have a nice weekend everyone! :)

Monday, June 1, 2009

Lost In Three Sentences...

Bigmouth has offered up the Three-Sentence Theory Challenge, that he snagged from someone on The Fuselage. The idea?
Can you express your theory of what's happening on Lost in three sentences or less? Aphorisms, metaphors, and analogies are welcome, run-on sentences are not.
Been thinking about this for a couple days. My answer:

1. Two gods play a game to decide the fate of all humans, using the passengers of Flight 815 (and the Others) as the pieces and the Island as the board.

2. Despite being manipulated by cosmic forces, everyone ultimately has the free will to change his or her own fate.

3. However, not only are there consequences for what one chooses to do, their heart (the culmination of everything they've done in life) will be weighed and judged in the end by the Smoke Monster.

It's a bit more vague than I usually like, but it's the best I can do. Any other takers? :)