Monday, July 14, 2008

Month-Long Musings

Hellooooooo everyone!

Yes, I'm alive. My transition from Sinai to Yale sucked a bit more of my time away than I anticipated. I'm actually still getting used to the long commute, my new environs and having less free time than I anticipated, something which is only going to continue to decrease as my wedding date approaches. I still hope to be able to blog some between now and then, plus considerably more often once it's over (and the new season starts next year). But my schedule's going to be somewhat unpredictable between now and then considering Em and I really don't even have a weekend free between now and our wedding. :P

And boy, there's like noooooooooooo Lost news whatsoever right now, is there? I really wish the DVD set was released in September to at least tide us over. *sigh*

How's everyone's summer going? See any good movies? Going to see "Dark Knight" this weekend?