Monday, March 24, 2008

Hiatus - *sigh* - Link Dump #1

Only four days into the hiatus. How you holding up? Any shakes, sweating? Find yourself compensating with the box of Ho-Hos you had hidden away for emergencies? My tonic is Super Smash Bros. Brawl, one of the most wonderfully addictive games ever made. I put approximately 300+ hours on the previous Super Smash Bros. game for the Gamecube and this one, packed with even more stuff than it's predecessor and given added online capability, promises to blow that mark out of the water.

But if you're looking for a specific Lost fix, I have a few links I meant to post last week that fell by the wayside. First off, if you hadn't noticed the Darlton interview over at UGO that Lostpedia recently linked to, it's pretty interesting. Not only to they talk about the strike, going back to work and the season so far, but they talk about time travel a bit, including this line confirming something we pretty much already knew:
"I will say, though, that the first significant event in the show where we were thinking in the back of our minds that this is going to require a story telling element that isn't traditional narrative, is the discovery of Adam and Eve in the caves."
Now I have my own ideas on this that I posted over at the Lost Elders a while back, but it's nice to see them address it. Read the whole interview though, it's pretty good.

Second, Alan Sepinwall has another Darlton tidbit regarding the mysterious four-toed statue:
"That's actually a great story," Damon responds. "We did the four-toed statue on the show and basically we got a note back from the network, which was, 'This is too weird.' We're like, 'Do you watch the show? This is too weird?' And essentially they said, 'Could it be a six-toed statue?' If someone could explain why a six-toed statue is less weird than a four-toed statue, that's exactly what we will do."
Now I thought I read somewhere (maybe a podcast) that the statue was supposed to be a remnant of the previous island civilization that pre-dated DHARMA's arrival, something I to which I thought The Temple also belonged. This is why I think, despite the DHARMA symbol on the map to the Temple from last episode, it's still an original island structure that DHARMA took over upon arrival. And, even if they think it's weird, I do hope they try and tie the statue into the overall story and not just pretend it never existed.

Lastly, in the preview for "Meet Kevin Johnson" in EW, Damon says this:
''Yes, you'll find out a lot about Michael. But you'll ALSO learn why bearded Jack was unable to jump.
Oh snap! I should have connected those dots, but that's just awesome. Guess the Island knows the only way to prevent Jack from doing something is to put someone else in danger so his overactive hero complex kicks in!

So how powerful is the Island, really? It can certainly manipulate both people and objects and send powerfully real visions in the form of dead people. Is there anything it can't do? If I wanted a turkey sandwich on rye bread with lettuce AND mustard (no zombie turkey) could it make one appear, like right now? You have to think the standard genie wish caveats apply - can't kill anyone directly (although it can make someone get into a car crash apparently), make someone fall in love, etc. Is this a function of the Magic Box? Can Ben manipulate it or is it an independent entity?

Whatcha think? And what will you be occupying yourself with on Thursday? =)

One more thing: I have no idea how I missed this too: Lost Madness! I voted for Desmond in the finale though. Big tip o' the hat to M.M. =)


chefmom said...

I'm totally having withdrawls! I got up this morning,and usually I think about Lost all day. My thought for today was "oh crap, what am I going to do with myself??" Last week I started crocheting a blanket, thinking it would keep me busy for the next 6 weeks. I'm halfway done with it. So basically I could make 3 blankets in the time. Even better, they'll be basically useless, because we'll be well into spring and warm weather!!! I'm envisioning I'll have the DT's by next week.

Capcom said...

If the island is supposed to have kept Jack from killing himself too, I wish that TPTB would have made a truck full of hay drive under the bridge right when Jack jumped, to as to cushion his fall. :o) Sort of like the humor involved in the popgun bomb that Mike set off on the boat, heheh.