Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Blogger Experiments...

If the site looks a bit funky over the next couple days, it's because I'm playing around with a number of web thingys, including Google Ads. I'm not sure whether I'll keep them or not, but I do like the Google Search button that allows you not only to just search the web, but allows you to specifically search either my site or Lostpedia too!

If the ads are annoying, let me know. Likewise, if the site is loading funny let me know. Since I started this blog I've experimented with a few things to try and drive web traffic including Stumble Upon (pretty good if you get it right), Blogrush (sucks) and Metatube (sucks). Of course, a Fark link would be great, but really hard to get unless you have a great post. I think I'm going to write an extended review on all of these things during our mid-season hiatus.

But anyhoo, just let me know if 1) the ads are annoying 2) the Google search is useful and 3) anything looks funky in general. Oh, and if you feel like clicking on the ads, well that's all good too. =)

24 hrs. 'til "The Other Woman" people! =)


Imperceptible Me said...

Woot Woot for Thursday and Lost. Btw, my nickname was MoonBeam. The ads don't appear to hinder viewing your site though it would be nicer if they were down lower so your other links could be displayed closer to the top.
The page loaded normally for me.

Capcom said...

Everything looks and works A-OK so far!