Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Link Dump, 11/10/2009

Lost Season 6 Teaser Poster! Woohoo (click for biggie)!

Like the backwards Locke and the fact everyone's there, including Vincent! :)

Still no word on what time slot Lost is going to get when it returns. Please, please, please ABC - give us a 9pm start!

The DHARMA Documentary is now complete. Some thoughts on Parts IV, V and VI, a bonus section you can see on Lostpedia:

"Matt Houston" is a show that ran from 1982-1985. Since it's a new show, we can assume the documentary is from 1982.

Liked the mistaken air drop on Tonga. There hasn't been another air drop, has there? Wonder if they are still coordinated through the Lamp Post - seems like they'd have to be if the Island moves from time to time.

What were the other two DHARMA logos in Part V? Is it the main logo and the Arrow? At first, it looked to me like a white cross on a black background and a black cross on a white background. But maybe I'm just projecting here, eh? ;)

Anyone catch anyone recognizable on any of the "Missing?" posters? I think one of them is Olivia Goodspeed, who's featured in Part VI.

Interesting that Eloise took over the Lamp Post sometime in the early 80's. I guess she had to if she was going to make sure Daniel completed his time loop.


Anyone watching "V?" I haven't caught any bit of it yet, might be a DVD thing later on, although I did catch a bit of the "The Prisoner" last night which was... odd. I think I liked it, but I'm not sure. It was kinda like watching a David Lynch movie. Never seen a full episode of the original, but I'd like to watch it through at some point.

Anyhoo, this review of the latest "V" episode also had this to say:
With all of the ABC "Lost"-alikes this season, it often seems like the network really truly thinks that what made "Lost" such a popular show with so many people was its sense of dramatic portent, those scenes when the characters stared ominously into the distance as ominous music played and ominous birds made ominous noises off in the ominous distance. But that's not why it was at all! "Lost" is a really fun show, and it has a great sense of how to balance out its ability to be portentious with its ability to have, like, Hurley drive a van through some Others. So far, "V" and "FlashForward" haven't quite figured this out yet, but at least there were indications "V" knows the direction to head in in this episode.
Well, one of the things that makes "Lost" such a terrific show are the characters and the cast. Hurley's van-driving scene only works because it's Hurley, dude.

Sorry for the lack of posting. I simply can't find much time nowadays, though I will certainly have reviews for the Final Season. :)