Saturday, November 3, 2007

Update and Schedule

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Yeah, PhD Comics sometimes hits too close to home (No Miss, Em's not pregnant).

I'm so delirious from typing and making figures I thought I'd take a break and type some more. Gleefully, I'm typing here, which is eminently more enjoyable than working on a doctorate thesis.

The good news is that by early January I should have this monster science critter off my back forever and can get back to the important things in life like LOST and the new Super Smash Bros. game that comes out on February 10th. Oh yeah, there's that whole "planning a wedding" thing too but, as I said, I have priorities. (I keed, I keed. Please don't kill me.)

But anyway, here's my schedule for the next couple months (blog related stuff):

November 7th-20th - Vacation in Italy
November 21st-22nd - Sleep off jetlag
November 24th-December 24th - Finish/revise thesis. Finish minor experiments. Attempt to get a few hour sleep per night. (finish Episode Reviews)
December 25th - Open LOST Season 3 DVD
December 26th-Early January - Work/practice thesis talk (Third Policeman Review)
Early January - Thesis Defense. Celebrate. Buy Nintendo Wii
Late January - (Lost Season 4 Previews).
Early February - Joy! Joy! Joy!

Yes, I'm going to be gone the next couple weeks to recharge my batteries before the stretch run. But there will me much Lost related goodness once I return. Anyhoo, here's a few links, some Lost-related, some not, to tide you over while I'm gone.

* As y'all have no doubt heard, Daniel Dae Kim was arrested recently for DUI making him virtually guaranteed to be killed off next season. Well, not really, but it certainly does move Kim's odds up in my Death Pool predictions.

* The imminent WGA strike worries me, although it does seem that Lost has a bit of a safety net thanks to their late start on the season.

* For those of you going to see "Beowulf" in the theater, it seems a new trailer for J.J. Abrams upcoming monster flick will be aired beforehand (I posted the original trailer here.) According to that CHUD link, the movie may actually be named "Cloverfield" and looks to have monsters plural both big and small. Sounds like a post-thesis must-see to me.

* Bigmouth got a big shout-out from Doc Jensen over at EW! Sweeeeeeeet!

* If you like video games, Yahtzee Croshaw over at The Escapist offers some of the funniest reviews on the internet. My favorite: His review of Tomb Raider Anniversary.

Anyhoo, hope everyone's holding up through the hiatus. For some good LOST talk, I'm sure Mempish, Bigmouth, Cool Freeze, Capcom and everyone else in my sidebar can keep ya' entertained until I'm able to engage to y'all again.

Light! Light at the end of the tunnel, I see!


memphish said...

What a busy guy! I'm very jealous of the Italy trip and want more details. Hubby and I went there 2 years ago celebrating the big 1-5 anniversary. I highly recommend Rick Steve's guides and all the restaurant recommendations he made in Florence and Venice were great.

Jay said...

Y'know I think we might have one of those guides at home. Em's gotten me a stack of Italy reading material that I just haven't had time to peruse yet, but hey, that's what nine hour flights are for!

Details will be elaborated upon upon my return. And Venice is one of our stops (along with Rome and Pompeii), so any recommendations are welcome. :)

capcom said...

Hey! Glad to see you come up for some air! :o)

Good luck on everything. Pompeii??!! Wow, I'm jealous. See if they have any 4-toed remnants there.

Oh yeah, Rick Steve's the best. I might never make it to Europe, but I know what it looks like because of him. His Christmas In Europe DVD is awesome. Christmas is even more special after you hear little Scandinavian girls yelling "Guuuud Juuuul!" :o)

memphish said...

Don't forget, you asked Jay.

If you get to Tuscany via car, be sure to drink wine in Montelcino (south of Siena) at the castle at the top of the town. It's a great tasting and buying place with lots of English speakers.

For any and all museums that sell tickets ahead of time book ahead. It's an easy phone call and is a necessity in Florence (tho. this time of year, maybe not so much.) Skipping the line at the Uffizi--priceless.

Eat pizza in Rome; it's supposedly the best. Don't eat pizza in Venice; it's supposedly the worst. Eat gelato every single day!

If you are driving at all, use the Michelin website for driving directions. They were very good.

Buy and bring home local olive oil.

In Venice, the cruise ships crowd San Marco from about noon-5, but then they are gone and the town is completely different. Just watching all the boats with a glass of wine or cup of coffee was one of our favorite things to do. And be prepared that Venice is much more expensive that Florence for dining.

Make or have your hotel make dinner reservations for you. It assures you a table where you want to eat and is easy. Be sure and eat steak in Florence/Tuscany and seafood in Venice. But most of all enjoy!

Missie said...

Ahh, Venice!

I was starting to think you were part of the writer's strike...

You'll be in VA for the release of Smash Bros, right? We have it pre-ordered and enough Wii controllers for all...

Have a great trip! (Ed and I are counting down the hours until ours- and that's the end of December!)

Jay said...

Thanks for the advice, Memphish - I've taken notes! I'll be leaving for the airport in about half an hour or so.

Here's hoping the strike's over when I return! :)

Hannah said...

Where in Italy will you be?
I went to school in Florence. If you are there at all you HAVE to go to this pub called "The fiddlers elbow" it's in the piazza de santa maria novella. Fantastic fun! Oh, and I highly recomend a day trip to Fiesole. see link

Cool_Freeze said...

Oh AWSOME man! I am so glad you are finally getting finished! =]


memphish said...

Welcome Home Jay! Hope you had a great trip!

Jay said...

Thanks! It was a great trip, but it's good to be home. :)

Yessifer said...

I am really looking forward to Smash Brothers. I just bought Sonic/Mario Olympics and some events are kicking my butt. It is good to see that you took a break from it all. Hope your trip went well.