Thursday, November 29, 2007

"Crazy Good"

How can you not keep yourself from bubbling over with excitement upon hearing this:
Sources tell me ABC has secured a deal to air promos for the upcoming fourth season of Lost (with new footage!) before all movies rated PG and above in Screenvision and NCM chains in December....

And by the way, this also means ABC thinks the new season of Lost is so good, it warrants such play. I've heard from Alphabet-net insiders that the upcoming eight episodes filmed so far are "crazy good" and will "even satisfy the haters."

Just one more reason to see "The Golden Compass" on the big screen (as if I needed another reason). :)

Added Bonus: If you like my spiffy new avatar, check out Papiohead - it's where my original Locke avatar came from, but now he's added a whole new page of avatars for the Others! Love the eyeshadow on Richard Alpert here.


memphish said...

This trailer news has me in a quandry. Spoiler-phobe that I am, especially when it comes to promos which generally speaking are created by ABC goons and not TPTB are notorious for being a)misleading and b)giving the store away. But the mobisodes have whetted my appetite. I may not be able to stay away.

And thanks for the avatar link.

capcom said...

You know, I usually specifically get into the theater late-ish just so I can miss that block of TV show commercials that they always show now, because I'm a purist who thinks that TV does not belong on the silver screen. But I guess I'll be there if Lost will be included.

Interesting caricatures on that avatar site!

Jay said...

I'm a bit wary as well, although it seems that most of the ABC promo gaffes involved overhyping expectations ("THREE LONG-STANDING MYSTERIES WILL BE ANSWERED") rather than giving away too much.

Pretty much the only big reveals I can think of that ABC teased us with were Cindy (which proved o be a big disappointment) and Henry Gales' balloon (which was kind of a misdirection). Anything else come to mind?

I will say though that my craving for Lost knowledge is starting to buzz in my brain again, junkie that I am. :)

memphish said...

The Cindy thing was egregious in the extreme. That would have have gone a long way to redeeming SIASL if everyone on the planet hadn't seen Cindy a month before it aired.

Yessifer said...

I love your new avatar. I can't wait to see the Golden Compass, the trailer is just icing on the cake.