Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Mobisode Madness!

Well I have to admit that, as depressing as the fact is that the writers strike will probably disrupt our uninterrupted new season of Lost, I was equally delighted to find that the Lost mobisodes began in my absence.

The first three are all up now at the ABC website and the fourth one is up over at Dark UFO. Lostpedia also has nice summaries of all four.

While none of the spots really tell us anything new, it's awful nice to see our favorite characters on the (very small) screen again. Memphish has already asked us which moment we'd like most to see so I'll direct you to that thread for my answer, but if the first four episodes are any indication it doesn't look like we're going to get any big reveals in these.

Of course, we did get some nice tidbits during the hiatus' "Lost Moments," so I could be wrong. But these just seem like extra character development bonuses. The only really new thing is giving Neil "Frogurt" a face: The guy from the Aaron Burr "Got Milk" commercial. And he was slimy enough that it makes me want to see more of him on the show itself.

Either way though, I'm finding the mobisodes to be delightful little snacks to help sustain us through the barren winter offseason. How about you?


memphish said...

I'll admit it. I'm as excited to watch these little guys each week. 3 & 4 were particularly satisfying to me. Kind of funny how they've stuck Juliet into a S2 scene. Shades of Nikki and Paolo. :-)

capcom said...

Yes if Lost, the series, is the main course, these Mobisodes snacks are like little vending machine sized bags of Lost potato chips! :o) Yum.

memphish said...

Dharma potato chips, right Capcom? And do those go on the right or the left?