Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I'm Alive!

Barely. One paper down, only like three to go. Then my defense. I'll get to the last two episode reviews eventually. *sigh*

But here's a cool piece of news:
"Lost" will soon be found on G4 and Sci Fi Channel.

Cablers have pacted with Disney-ABC Domestic Television for off-net rights to all six planned seasons of ABC's hit thriller, with segs scheduled to begin airing next September.

G4 will have Monday-Friday strip rights to the show (along with some weekend plays), while Sci Fi will air the skein Monday nights as a stack of four episodes from 7-11 p.m...

Mmmm... four hour Lost marathons.


capcom said...

Good luck on the remainder of your work!

This is very smart thing for Disney/ABC to do, since ABC choses not to run any reruns of Lost on that channel. More airing anywhere will get more intersted viewers. I guess that SciFi will not be running Star Trek blocks on Monday nights then anymore then.

Jay said...

Thanks, Capcom. I'm feeling a little overwhelmed right now. :)

And I totally agree it'll be great to have Lost on Sci-Fi. It's generally the show's audience, it will serve to draw more viewers in and get them caught up.

Just great for the show.

Cool_Freeze said...

Oh my yeah! It will soooo be good for the show.

same here..good luck with the rest of your work.


Bigmouth said...

Work schmerk! Where are your priorities, Jay?

That's great news, btw, about SciFi airing episodes of Lost. I haven't seen that tidbit anywhere else!

Bigmouth said...

PS: Speaking of SciFi, I have to put in a plug for Odyssey 5, the show they're currently airing in place of Dr. Who. It's really, really well written and acted and has a number of intriguing parallels to Lost.