Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Kate Does France

In a summer that's seen some curious career choices for our favorite survivors, it's nice to see some of them doing indie flicks rather than the schlock horror cheesefests or summer blockbusters. Particularly Evangeline Lilly who, despite how poorly her character has been written for the past season and a half (pretty much since Sawyer arrived back on the beach in the second season, turning her brain into schmaltzy mush), still is one of the best actresses in the cast, behind only Elizabeth Mitchell at this point.

Anyhoo, looks like she's going to spend the summer filming the indie French flick, "Afterwards," with French film star Romain Duris and the always entertaining John Malkovich. (Malkovich?)

While it may not necessarily end up being a good film, it's nice to see her being discerning about what roles she takes. She vaulted to stardom fairly quick, thanks not only to "Lost," but to... *ahem*... a couple very nice photoshoots. Like this one:

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While I'm not complaining about the eye candy, mind you, does anyone else want the kick-ass Kate from Season One back? I really hope Season Four gives her an edge again.


Hannah said...

Hi there.

I just tagged you. I am not sure if you want to play cause it would have nothing to do with LOST but it could be fun.

I have the rules posted on my blog.


memphish said...

Nice blog. I too want S1 Kate back. I'm in the process of rewatching the series and S1 reminds me why I liked Kate in the first place. Here in post-S3 land, I'm wishing someone would go back and rewrite all things Kate from What Kate Did onward. But as fishbiscuit said in her S3 recap posted at DarkUFO, I guess this is what we get when nerds write romance.

Jay said...

There probably are thousands of Firefly fans out there who think "I Do" was, like, the best episode ever because Captain Mal is so awesome and it's so unfair "Firefly" was cancelled because it was the best show ever and the network screwed them by airing the episodes out of order and I so hope there's a sequel to "Serenity."

*deep breaths*

And OMG River Tam is so much hotter than Kate, so there.

;) - Nice blog, BTW.

someGirl said...

That is the most cheesiest of cheesy pictures ever created in the history of cheesy pictures....Did that make sense? Kate has sucked for far too long, she needs to vindicate herself by kicking some ass or dying. Enough already, sheesh!...there I'm done. Thanks that felt good.

RosieP said...

The S1 Kate stole a dead woman's ID card and tried to manipulate her way onto Michael's raft. The S1 Kate had a ridiculous episode called "Whatever the Case May Be" in which we learned that she staged a bank robbery in order to acquire her dead childhood friend's toy airplane.

You really wanted S1 back that badly? I preferred S6 Kate.