Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Naveen Andrews <3 "Animals"

There's an inside joke between my friends and I called "The One-Word Movie Title Rule." I have a propensity for really enjoying bad schlock horror/sci-fi films: The Relic, Mimic, The Host (which was actually very good, BTW), etc. Basically, the rule states that if the title of the movie contains only one word (articles excluded), it's a film that more than likely I have on my "must-see" list and one that, more than likely, is going to be excruciatingly bad.

This brings us to "Animals," a small town werewolf flick happily starring Naveen Andrews. Now I say happily because, not only do I have to see this because of the title, but I actually have to see it because I know someone working on the film! One of my girlfriend's relatives is a stunt man who's actually going to be coordinating the stunts for the film. He's getting older (for a stunt man) and he has two kids now, so he's trying to move away from doing actual stunts and into coordinating instead. This is his first foray into it, starting on a small film, but apparently working with some very cool people!

I was browsing through the script he had with him over Memorial Day, and my gut instinct is that it won't exactly be a classic. But, hey, you never know. Any of you ever see "Dog Soldiers?" Surprisingly fabulous film. Highly recommended.

But keep your eyes peeled for "Animals" later this year. Naveen Andrews as a werewolf? How can you go wrong with that? ;)

Huge hat tip to Approaching Lost for the news. And if you need some eye candy to go along with your movie news, AL also happens to have Naveen's Esquire photo shoot too. Sample below.


Bigmouth said...

Have to say, I was rather impressed with Naveen's snappy answers to Esquire's questions. I had no idea he was that sharp!

someGirl said...

I have always been completely turned on by Naveen Andrews, you know-all jungly. But sweet jeebus!! Put him in suit and engage him in good conversation and I melt like butter!!

Any who, now that I have humiliated myself.....Jay, thanks for dropping by today! How often are you posting you top ten recaps? I love reading your take on them...

Jay said...

Naveen seems very intelligent to me as well... which makes me question why he's starring in "Animals." ;)

Ana - I'm posting my Top 10 episodes once a week, usually on Mondays (although next week's may be on Tuesday because I'll be away this weekend for a wedding).

Missie said...

Naveen as a werewolf. How. Have. I. Not. Heard. About. This? He obviously trumps all rules I have about one word titles!