Friday, July 27, 2007

Lost Theory Question #4: Libby

Sorry for the lack of posting this week. While I'd like to hide under the busy schedule excuse, the truth is that I had more... *ahem*... Potter-esque activities to complete. And, might I say, it was utterly fantastic. :)

But back to the question at hand: Just who is Libby and what's her agenda?

She has two significant connections to two of the Losties, Hurley and Desmond, but we know so little about her it's really hard to say whether her associations with them are simply pure chance or something more sinister. And, believe it or not, I'm actually thinking it's the former. Bear with me here...

We know that sometime before 2000, Libby lost her husband and, shortly after that, she ran into Desmond in a coffee shop and gave him her husband's boat. Remember that Desmond crashed on the island in 2001 (three years before the plane crash) and that he took a year to train. Now this meeting could be simple chance - her emotion and offer to me seemed genuine. She was obviously pretty upset over his death and it doesn't seem that strange that she gave it to him.

Could Charles Widmore have put her up to it? Sure. But chance just seems much more plausible here.

But what about her association with Hurley? It could be that she never got over her husband's death and that sent her to the mental institution. This fits with the timeline (i.e. she ended up there after she gave the boat to Desmond) since Hurley was in Santa Rosa right up until shortly before he won the lottery.

Now it is possible she was stalking Hurley - she must have gotten out of Santa Rosa shortly after him, probably saw that he won the lottery, and followed him to Australia. Remember, we still have no idea why Libby was there in the first place. But maybe she really did take notice of him in the institute and formed some sort of obsession. And if she was stalking him, it kinda explains her attraction to him and why they were both on Flight 815.

So is she really a psychiatrist, or did she lie because it's better than saying that you're a mental patient? Assuming there's no malevolence involved, I'm thinking the latter.

The only argument against all this is that it's pretty amazing she ended up on the same island with Desmond. Could she be a spy for someone, maybe another one of Ms. Hawking's pawns, working towards making sure both Desmond and Hurley ended up on the island together? Was it coincidence or was it fate? What do y'all think?


Hannah said...

Ohh that is really really interesting. I never thought of her being a stalker and now that you mention it I totally can see that being it.

Really good post.


cool_freeze said...

Did Desmond and Libby ever meet on the island? I don't think...that is why I doubt she was a spy. I DO agree that she may have been stalking Hurley. That is a good thought.

someGirl said...

I think she was stalking Hurley. It would play into the "bad luck" he felt the numbers gave him. I.E. the numbers brought him a "lady friend" BUT she was a wack job.
Did I make sense?

memphish said...

I don't want to post spoilers here, but Libby was mentioned at Comic Con.

Here's my non-spoiled, pure personal speculation take on Libby. Husband David worked for Widmore; Widmore approaches the grieving widow and asks her to keep tabs on Desmond because Charles wants to keep him away from Penny. When Des tells the boat story, Libby sees the opportunity to give the boat to accomplish this for Charles.

Desmond's disappearance from the race becomes news. Libby can't live with the guilt that but for her, the guy wouldn't have been in the race and disappeared. Goes nuts, goes to Santa Rosa.

I don't think she was stalking Hurley, but was embarassed to bring up that their paths had crossed at a mental hospital, as it's not the most flattering thing strangers can know about you.

Jay said...

CF - No, Libby and Desmond never met, which is a shame because it would have made for a really great scene.

memphish - That's a great theory, one of the better Libby conspiracy theories I've heard. My only question then was what was she doing in Australia? Maybe looking for information on Desmond in hopes that he crash-landed there?

I don't really want spoilers, but could you answer me this: Was it in regards to casting Cynthia Watros for future seasons, or was it more plot-wise in nature.

The writers have said repeatedly that we are going to get Libby's backstory at some point, but it's going to have to be through flashbacks of someone we haven't met yet. Maybe someone who works for Widmore?

Of course, I'd love some flashbacks from Charles himself. :)

memphish said...

Jay, the Libby "spoiler" was dual in nature in terms of timing and the "truth" about her which was implied vaguely, not stated explicitly.

I think I've come up with an even better Libby scenario where she is a representative of the bad guys trying to find the Island. In this scenario, the Desmond encounter is the coincidental and innocent one. Grieving widow wants to get rid of hubby's boat to find closure.

Then, in her super secret spy role, she's in Santa Rosa not because of Hurley, but because of LENNY! She's trying to find out everything she can about the numbers and where they were coming from because the bad guys (Mittlewerk?) know those numbers were coming from the Island. Then she is in fact following Hurley when he goes to Australia to track down Sam Toomey again to learn about the numbers. So that's why she's in Australia and on Hurley's flight. She's going to try to find out from Hurley or Hurley's contacts information about the numbers' broadcast. She doesn't tell Hurley he knows her from Santa Rosa because it would blow her cover.

So there -- I've totally hedged my bets when it comes to Libby. Knowing TPTB the truth will be something entirely different from either scenario. :)