Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Whip It Good

Check out this Josh Holloway "In Fashion" photoshoot from long ago, when he must have been poor and unknown because no one in their right mind would ever let someone dress them this way, regardless of the decade.

Wonder what Sawyer would nickname him here? Devo? Spicoli? Toto?


someGirl said...

How about "Purple Rain"? Not very clever, but my brain flash froze with horror at that sight. EEEKKK! Just dropped bye to give props where props are due. I wandered in here from TLD (im Ana, btw). I wrote earlier on TLD that I appreciate you being insightful without being arrogant or belittling those of us that might not know as much. So thanks!

someGirl said...

Oh snap! Almost forgot to mention something. I have an old family friend that owns a Mexican pastry shop and she agreed to make me some DHARMA BISCUITS!! No fish meal of course, but it'll be fun.

Jay said...

My pleasure, Ana! I just love to talk Lost - it's a nice break from science.

Let me know how the biscuits turn out. I'm definitely going to try them sometime. :)

wgh said...

I'm torn, is it more Color Me Badd, or Vanilla Ice? Word to yo mutha.