Friday, June 15, 2007

Lost Junkie Fix #1: Mobisodes

This was mentioned in the Sopranos article, but it's worth pointing out if you missed it. During the (really, really long) hiatus, ABC will be putting out these 90 second little clips of our favorite islanders, first over mobile phones and eventually on the internet.

These were supposed to come out last summer, but were apparently scrapped so they could make sure the entire primary cast got on board. It was also thought they might be able to squeeze them in after the mini-series, but they were apparently replaced with the "Lost Moments" clips shown during the ill-fated "Day Break."

The original storyline was supposed to be that Hurley finds a video camera and goes around randomly taping people, but the article doesn't mention whether that's changed.

If you didn't participate in the "The Lost Experience" from last summer, it was terrific fun and a great way to get your Lost fix during the break. I'm sure these mobisodes won't be the only thing ABC does to keep everyone hooked until February.

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