Friday, June 29, 2007

Lost Theory Question #2: What Are The Whispers?

First mentioned by Danielle and heard by Sayid in "Solitary," the whispers are a mystery never fully explained. Lostpedia has transcripts of them all and, looking closely at them, it seems like someone on the island is watching our favorite castaways. Here's what they said in "Solitary":
Male Voice- "Just let him get out of here"
Male Voice- "He's seen too much already"
Male Voice- "What if he tells?"
Female Voice - "Could just speak to him"
Male Voice- "No"
And here's a sample of what Sawyer heard in "Outlaws":

"Oh my god there's a guy out there"
"Dennis find out what's going on"
"Did he see us?"
"Open it"
"Did you see what direction he went?"
"Right through those trees"
"Go and get him"
"There is [an explanation/a resolution] and I bet you haven't thought of it"
"What is it?"
"He's been in a plane crash"
"Are you sure?"
"I know what it's like for a plane to crash"
"Complain, complain, complain"
"I want to get closer"
"I know what you said, but he's looking around"
"What if he shoots us or something"

Now these transcripts suggest that 1) someone or something is watching them and 2) they always seem to be nearby, camouflaged or hidden, perhaps suggesting someone with some Predator-like cloaking ability. Since they're worried about being shot, they appear to be mortal at the very least.

But from the Blast Door Map, itwas suggested that DHARMA some sort of remote viewing/listening station that the Others eventually took over. Some samples:

  • High potential for R.V.S. Facility
  • Interference might also prevent location use as listening station/cryptography research/communications analysis facility
However, the Flame didn't seem to have that sort of capability. And while the notation could have referred to the Pearl, it certainly wasn't used for any sort of cryptography research or communications analysis. Not to mention, Radinzsky and Kelvin could just have been wrong about the facility - perhaps even having heard the whispers themselves and assuming it was DHARMA watching them.

So could the whispers have been Jacob and others like them? He seemed to (creepily) whisper at Locke in his cabin. Could the original inhabitants of the island (who conducted a guerrilla war against DHARMA) be able to hide themselves in the jungle and have some sort of telekinetic ability to communicate? We also know the Monster is able to telekinetically communicate. Maybe it's something like Legion - watching and communicating within itself. Perhaps all the missing dead bodies of everyone on the island live on within the Monster and communicate with each other.

What say you? Are the whispers DHARMA, the natives, Jacob, the Monster, or something totally different?


Hannah said...

I don't know what they are but it sure is creepy. The transcripts are even creepier.

Hannah said...
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Kerin said...

So I read through the Whispers Transcript over on Lostpedia and ... WOW, creepy for sure.

It definitly seems as though they know the people that they're whispering about, and know what's in store for them. Now it seems as though, it would be impossible for them to be of physical form...I mean, how would they be able to pull that off without being detected? I'm thinking it must be intertwined with ol' smokie, so I'm going with the Legion theory, since it feels right for me :)

I've always been very curious about the whispers and it's amazing what the people over at Lostpedia can get.

cool_freeze said...

Here is my thought. I think that the whispers are another group of people on the island known as the "hostiles". Not ALL of the hostiles joined with Ben whenever he purged Dharma, so I think there are more Hostiles and they can be very, VERY secretive about who sees them, just don't ask me how.

someGirl said...
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someGirl said...

Well Jay, if I knew THAT I would be the happiest women on the planet!!!!! The whispers is THE mytery I want solved, only because it drives me nuts. Obviously they are being watched but by WHO? WHO?WHO!WHO!? How do you explain the personal comments being made, like its someone who knows the person being observed? And some of the whispers sound...helpful or cautionary--WTF?!
Thanks Jay!---Ana

Jay said...

Y'know CF - the transcripts do sound like they're a completely different group than the Others so I wouldn't be surprised.

I really hope we get an answer to this one next season.

Synchromystic Librarian said...