Thursday, June 14, 2007

Lost Won't End Like "The Sopranos"

According to the writers, anyway.

Oh darn. And I so wanted the end to feature Jack, Kate, and Sawyer munching onion rings in a diner to the dulcet tones of Journey with Ben rushing in to meet them. Then you get a quick fade to black overlaid with a cacophony of Monster noises.


Kerin said...

Hi Jay...I've wandered over to here from Daniel's blog to answer the question you posted to me on 6/13...I'm born, rasied and currently live on Long Island. I had to leave the conversation yesterday (thankfully too, after reading further posts, it got ugly there) and I didn't want to be rude and not answer you.

Again, I really like your site, you really have your details together and thanks for sharing your knowledge about the show in a kind way...have a great day and see you around the blogs.

someGirl said...

Hey Kerin (aka Mr Burns)!! I wandered in here too (Ana) I love all this info. I have blog too, come visit some time.

Hannah said...

Hi Jay,
Thank God for that!
When I saw the ending of the Sopranos I thought, " If they EVEN end lost that way..." Then I read that article on CNN that the producers liked the ending, I thought oh no. So thanks for clearing that up.

I found your link on TLD and I think your blog is awesome by the way. Thanks for all the info you post.


Hannah said...

I forgot to say that this was a very funny post.

Hopefully they will be DHARMA onion rings.

Jay said...

And don't forget the DHARMA brand ketchup too! :)