Friday, April 23, 2010

Subtle Hint Or Writer/Fanboy Mindgames?

This has been noted elsewhere (via New York Magazine), though it was first pointed out to me by Matt over e-mail.

Could this be a subtle hint as to the identity of Adam and Eve? If it's really a hint, I like it. A lot. (Biggie)


Missie said...

That's interestng, especially since Sawyer has pointed out to Kate a few times that the 2 of them have nothing to go back to off of the Island.

Missie said...

I read the whole article you linked, and I'm glad somebody else said it: I was very disappointed with the Jin/Sun reunion. In a show that first does reunions well, and often, and then having a couple who has consistently has great chemistry and dialogue, their long awaited reunion was such a let down. The moment with Jin and the camera with pictures of his daughter had a million times more feeling.

Hannah said...

OMG. That is awesome. I just got a chill in my back. I LOVE IT!!!