Monday, April 26, 2010

Cool Read...

If you haven't seen this article in Wired, you're missing out. Lots of cool stuff here. Loved the cargo list from Flight 815. :)

Addendum: It goes without saying that if you look closely at the big board behind Darlton, there are some spoilers to be seen, including the centricity of the next two episodes. Squint at your own risk. :)


R said...

you don't think they might have planned what would show on the board before the photo shoot?

Jay said...

Oh there's always the possibility of red herrings there, but I guess it has the feel of an Easter Egg to me since pretty much only die-hard fans are ever going to see it. There looked to be much more spoiler-ish writing on the board too, but I avoided it entirely, red herring or not. :)

Also, there wasn't a single mention of either the finale or the episode before it, which makes me think the info on the next two might be legit.