Monday, June 1, 2009

Lost In Three Sentences...

Bigmouth has offered up the Three-Sentence Theory Challenge, that he snagged from someone on The Fuselage. The idea?
Can you express your theory of what's happening on Lost in three sentences or less? Aphorisms, metaphors, and analogies are welcome, run-on sentences are not.
Been thinking about this for a couple days. My answer:

1. Two gods play a game to decide the fate of all humans, using the passengers of Flight 815 (and the Others) as the pieces and the Island as the board.

2. Despite being manipulated by cosmic forces, everyone ultimately has the free will to change his or her own fate.

3. However, not only are there consequences for what one chooses to do, their heart (the culmination of everything they've done in life) will be weighed and judged in the end by the Smoke Monster.

It's a bit more vague than I usually like, but it's the best I can do. Any other takers? :)

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Capcom said...

Interesting. :-)