Wednesday, June 3, 2009

New Poll

Not surprisingly, "The Incident" ran away with the best episode poll, though quite a few other episodes got at least one vote - certainly more than I thought would. The new poll is for the best LOST ending of Season 5, i.e. a shock trombone ending that has to be the last moment or two of the episode.

I picked the ones I thought were best overall rather than listing every single one (like Desmond telling Penny he has to go to Oxford in "Because You Left"). This poll, I think, will be a bit more divided between a couple choices. See what you think.

I'll be away until next Tuesday, but should have a new poll for next week and maybe a posting or two upon my return. Have a nice weekend everyone! :)


Frakkin Toaster said...

I almost think that your polls should exclude "The Incident," only because it was so mind-blowing that it would win 99 out of 100 times.

Missie said...

Not to be all nitpicky, but Sayid didn't technically kill young Ben, but only shot him. Had he not been brought to The Others, he would have died.

Actually, I love to nitpick . But I do it with love.

Jay said...

As far as "The Incident" goes, I think I have to include it because it is a part of the season and I'm trying to gauge the season as a whole. It certainly slanted the "Best Episode" poll, but I don't think it will skewer the latter polls (like this last one) quite as much.

And Miss, yes I should have written that Sayid "kills" Ben Linus (using quotes). Realized it after posting the poll, dammit. :)