Wednesday, May 27, 2009

New Poll

I was surprised "Jacob's Nemesis" won my previous poll on what to call him. I'll be using that whenever I refer to him over the summer. My schedule the next couple weeks is going to be busy as I'm traveling to both Boston and New Orleans, so my blogging time is going to be rather sparse.

My new poll is up, although I expect it's going to be heavily skewed towards "The Incident," but you never know. "LaFleur" and "Dead is Dead" were both terrific episodes (especially the latter, given we now about Jacob's Nemesis) and the ending of "Jeremy Bentham" certainly becomes much sadder in retrospect.

I'm revising my Top 10 episode list as well, but I have to back and rewatch a few before I start posting those. Everyone have a nice Memorial Day? :)

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