Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Best Scene Of Season 5

Results from the last poll. Quite the variety, eh? This season really had some terrific moments all throughout.
Sayid "kills" young Ben Linus (He's Our You) - 6 votes

Zombie Locke tells Ben he's going to kill Jacob (Follow The Leader) - 5 votes

Juliet detonates the bomb (The Incident) - 4 votes

"Hello, Ben. Welcome back to the land of the living." (Whatever Happened, Happened) - 4 votes

"Hello, Jin. I'm Danielle. Danielle Rousseau." (The Little Prince) - 3 votes

Zombie Locke comes across an unconscious Ben (The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham) - 2 votes
Next week's poll is going to be something somewhat similar in that we're going to pick the best scene of Season 5, but I'm going to need some help choosing the selections. There's certainly a lot to choose from and I really want to pick the best of the best. Also, the above scenes are all open for inclusion. My short list:
Locke meets Richard and Charles Widmore in 1954 (Jughead)

Danielle finds Jin (The Little Prince)

Danielle kills Montand (This Place Is Death)

Locke (with a broken leg) turns the wheel in front of "Christian" (This Place Is Death)

Jack and company realize Lapidus if flying their plane (316)

Ben kills Locke (The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham)

Introducing Jim LaFleur (the opening scene of that episode)

Sawyer confronts Richard in 1974 (LaFleur)

Sayid "kills" Ben Linus (He's Our You)

Miles argues with Hurley about time travel (Whatever Happened, Happened)

Smokey Alex gives Ben an order (Dead is Dead)

Miles and Hurley go for a ride with Dr. Chang (Some Like It Hoth)

Kate crashes Sawyer and Juliet's party on the sub (Follow The Leader)

Locke gets Richard to close his time loop (Follow The Leader)

Jacob converses with his Nemesis (The Incident)

Zombie Locke tells Ben that he's the one who's going to kill Jacob (The Incident)

Sawyer and Company finally run into Bernard, Rose and Vincent (The Incident)

Ben kills Jacob, Zombie Locke pushes his body into the fire (The Incident)

Juliet detonates the bomb (The Incident)
I tried to pick scenes that affected me emotionally and ones that ran the gamut from seriousness to wonder, humor to revulsion. I hated the multiple love triangles this season, but the scene with Sawyer, Juliet and Kate in the sub was (IMHO) one of the season's best simply because it made me feel so awful for Juliet afterwards. In contrast, Kate's tearful goodbye with Aaron (that perhaps some of you liked better) really had no effect on me.

So anything I missed? Any favorite scene I should include? I'll keep this bumped for a couple days then post the poll. :)


Anonymous said...

I voted for "welcome back to the land of the living," because I cracked up watching that. I just imagined Locke sitting there for hours waiting for Ben to awaken, and spending that time deciding on which witty remark to make.

re: best scene, I would love to see you include the conversation Jack and Locke have in LDJB. It's the only time they speak in the entire season, and it's fantastic. Matthew Fox's acting was superb (he's DEAD! I PUT HIM IN THE COFFIN!) and the fact that he finally said what he really thought about Locke - sad, pathetic, lonely - and the angry/hurt look on Locke's face really made it for me.

Plus it's just vintage Jack and Locke. Babbling mysticism vs. weary head-shaking.

Having said all that, the scene where Ben murders Locke is still better, because it was shocking, unexpected and firmly swung Ben's pendulum back towards evil.

Missie said...

I like the above scene grubstreethack brought up.

And again, I don't know if I would vote this one as the best, but I would also consider the confrontation between Sun and Ben on the pier when he sways her with Jin's wedding band.

If you get down to a "best line", I would have to include Jack's retort to Kate; "No, you didn't like teh old me". Not a boig fan on the love triangle, and the entire scene I don't think would be in contention for great, but that one moment- awesome.

Missie said...

I tried to refrain from mentioning wet, nearly shirtless Sayid emerging from the water under the temple, but who am I kidding? Figured you may have overlooked this, but I know I have Em's vote for best scene ever!

Bigmouth said...

I gotta go with "Ben kills Locke." I know lots of folks saw that one coming, but I was TOTALLY surprised. I thought the Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham was the best episode since Walkabout...

Bigmouth said...

Also, for some reason, I love the scene where teen Ellie reveals the Jughead to Daniel.