Friday, May 8, 2009

Sizing Up The Wish List

I was going back through some of my old posts and I found this one on what Lost mysteries/events I'd like so see by the end of the season. Here's how my list come out:

1. Danielle, Part II

We got a bit of this - certainly got to see Ben stealing Alex, though we never got to see her record her message in the radio tower.

2. Daniel & Charlotte

Got to see this scene, and it was good.

3. The Incident

Getting this in the finale. :)

4. The Black Rock

Probably won't get this next week, unfortunately. :P

5. Henry Gale


6. DHARMA Origins

Got a bit of DHARMA, but really only for a short period in 1977. We still know next to nothing about what happens between the Incident and the Purge, ostensibly the most important time period for us. Of course, if Season 6 picks up where this season leaves off, we should get a bit of this next season.

7. Kelvin & Radzinsky

We've gotten a LOT of Radzinsky and he is totally insane. I'm still not convinced that this is guy who ends up in the Swan and starts the Blast Door Map. I am convinced, though, that if this really is the guy that ends up with Kelvin, he didn't commit suicide, Kelvin shot him himself. Can't imagine anyone staying cooped up with him for very long.

8. The Four Toed Statue

Got it! Not the front, but a decent look nonetheless. I bet we'll get a front view in the finale.

9. Mikhail

No Mikhail. :(

10. Amelia

No Alicia. I'm a bit surprised by this, especially since there should be a young Alicia somewhere in the Others camp (unless she was recruited by Ben later on like Juliet was, I suppose).

Not bad, really. The show has started to tie up all their loose ends, despite still having a season worth to go. I'll be away this weekend, but I have some further thoughts on possible endings that I'll post before the finale. Have a great weekend everyone! :)

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