Monday, February 16, 2009

Take Me Away, I Don't Mind...

Looking over Memphish's neat attempt at timelining the Island, here are the top 10 Island Events/People I'd like to see our Island Losties encounter first hand, provided Locke hasn't already taken the skipping record off the turntable. :P

No particular order here, just as they come to mind...

1. Danielle, Part II

We've now gotten half of Danielle's story and I suppose it's possible we'll get more this week (please, please, please). But we still need to see 1) The Others stealing Alex and 2) Danielle recording her message in the Radio Tower. It would also be cool to see what happened to Danielle's crew down in the Cerberus Vent.

2. Daniel & Charlotte

We know we're going to get this eventually, but now I really, really want to see Daniel & Charlotte meet in the past. Incidentally, I forgot to mention this last week, but anyone see shades of "The Time Traveler's Wife" here? So awesomely cool.

3. The Incident

The true history of the Swan Station has never really been explained, including what caused DHARMA to initiate the 108 minute protocol. I'd love to see Daniel witness it first hand or, better yet, cause it first hand.

4. The Black Rock

I'm guessing that the way the Black Rock got onto the Island is by appearing out of time directly beneath it. While we might not see that directly, wouldn't it be great to have the Losties casually walking through the jungle (as casually as one can on the Island) and suddenly be surrounded by the shocked crew of the Black Rock, who've found themselves mysteriously beached. Plus, we'd get to meet Magnus Hanso.

5. Henry Gale

I so want to meet the real Henry Gale and see him crash-land his balloon. And wouldn't it be neat if one of our own time-traveling Losties was actually responsible (intentionally or not) for his death, especially since Ben was basically tortured by Sayid for supposedly killing him (and lying about it).

6. DHARMA Origins

We're going to get a bit of this with Daniel for certain, but we really need to learn what the relationship was like with DHARMA and the Others leading up to the Purge. Were they originally peaceful with each other? Was it always a hostile relationship? When did they first encounter the Monster (that caused them to build the Sonar Fence)? We'll definitely get to see more of the Orchid, but I hope we'll get some of the other stations too.

7. Kelvin & Radzinsky

This kinda follows along with The Incident, but getting some more pre-Desmond time in the Swan and finally meeting Radzinsky (not to mention actually seeing for ourselves whether or not Kelvin was telling the truth as to whether he committed suicide) would be very cool. I'd also like to see Radzinsky constructing the Blast Door Map and who the "Him" is Kelvin and Desmond refer to (followed by the Snowman Joke).

8. The Four Toed Statue

I know the statue's probably the lamest thing the writers have ever come up with, but sending the Losties FAR into the past on the Island, so that perhaps they see what the entire statue used to look like, would be very cool. And the writers have hinted we are going to get this answer this season.

9. Mikhail

This isn't really an event, but one of the coolest things about the time skipping is being able to see dead characters alive again. I want more Patchy, please. :)

Of course, this goes double for Libby, if she's actually on the Island in the past. :P

10. Amelia

I've speculated before that Amelia is actually Amelia Earhart. And since we haven't seen her since her brief appearance in "A Tale Of Two Cities" it makes me think she's being saved for a season finale or opener (or, at least, sweeps week). :P

But if Earhart really did crash her plane on the Island, I hope our Losties are there to see it happen. ABC, if you're out there listening, please don't spoil the "surprise" by running obnoxious spoiler-filled ads leading up to the episode. kthxsbye

Anything else? What did I miss? Here's hoping the time skipping continues all season long. :)


Missie said...

Totally thought of "Time Traveler's Wife". Of course I've had it on the brain lately. (You got my email about the U2 song, right?)

I'm drawing a blank- what was the name of Ben's only friend when he was a child in DHARMA?

Jay said...

I dunno if I got that e-mail - it might have gotten buried - send it to me again just in case.

Ben's young girlfriend was Annie. :)

Carly said...

Great List!
I can think of one:
Where was Ben going when he was picked up in Danielle's trap?

I saw a Comic Con two years ago and someone asked this question of the producers and they said that Ben was indeed going somewhere and they would explain what happened at some point.

Hannah said...

Thanks for writing such great LOST posts. Your blog is the best :)