Monday, May 11, 2009

So... What Is This "Incident" You Speak of?

The Incident will be this Wednesday from 9-11pm EST, with a one-hour clip show before hand. I don't about all of you, but I really enjoyed this season from start to finish. The time travel aspect of the show being so overt (and crucial to the plot) was totally unexpected and (to me) a delight. I originally expected the season to end with the O6 finally returning to the Island. Instead, they reached it by Episode 6.

The Incident itself will set up what to expect for Season 6, which is really up in the air at this point. I think either way it's going to revolve around trying to change time, but the question is will they (meaning Desmond, most likely) be trying to erase the present time line (scenario #1) - meaning Jack and company fail in preventing the Incident, they all die and the time loop is preserved - or trying to restore it (scenario #2) - meaning Jack and company succeed in preventing the Incident, but it leads to an even worse future than the one they already have?

My gut feeling after last week's episode was that it was going to be scenario #1, which would mean we'd have an ending where Flight 815 would end in L.A. as if none of this ever happened. I still kinda feel that way, but it does cut a little too close to being a Newhart or St. Elsewhere ending to me - both of which were good, BTW - and it would be a little sad to see all the history we've gone through with these characters suddenly wiped out, even if a lot of this history is sad.

But we won't know until after Wednesday! Here are a couple things I'll be looking for (and my guess for the percentage chance of seeing them)...

Things I'd like to get answers for in the finale:

1) Who or what is Jacob? (100% - in some form or another)

2) Can the future be altered or not? (50% - they can't make this the cliffhanger, can they?)

3) Will Sun be able to see Jin again? (40% - one can hope, right?)

4) Who are Ilana and Bram working for? (75% - I bet they'll figure in prominently)

5) What lies in the shadow of the statue? (75% - if we get #4, we'll get #5)

Things I'd like to see in the finale (aside from the Incident itself):

1) Smokey (100% - can't have a finale without Smokey, especially since Jack's in the tunnels)

2) Pierre Chang lose his arm (90% - he does lose it in the Incident, after all)

3) Bernard, Rose, Vincent and Frank (100%, 100%, 95%, 90% - Bernard and Rose are rumored to be back, Vincent's probably with them)

4) Inside the Temple (40% - depends on where Locke ends up)

5) The front of the Statue (25% - probably not, unless there's a picture somewhere)

My review might end up being in two parts, depending on how much I have to say about it. There will be a general review up on Thursday, but I might have some expanded thoughts on Friday as well if it proves to be extremely tidbit-y. :)


Carly said...

I have to say, I saw Michael Emerson and Jorge Garcia on the View today. They were very cute. Jorge said he doesn't want the show to end as a dream or with the whole thing resetting with Jack on the beach and all. Seems we will be finding out about Hurley and his guitar tonight too. Whoopi asked about Rose and Bernard but they wouldn't say anything. Can't wait for tonight!

Jay said...

There are so many clips and interviews of Lost people around, I'm trying to avoid them all. EW has a lost extravaganza, including a Darlton interview that I'm avoiding.

I just want some good food and a beer tonight and sit and zone out for two hours. :)