Friday, April 24, 2009

Miles' Shark T-Shirt...

In my review of Hoth, I mentioned how cool I thought Miles' shark t-shirt was. Doc Jensen actually tracked it down and, well, it's even COOLER when you see the whole thing:

Yes, that's a shark fighting a bear, which is as cool if not cooler than a ninja fighting a t-rex. You can order the shirt here, though they're kinda pricey. :)


amelia said...

do you know where i might be able to find the fish t-shirt that charlie was wearing when he visited hurley?

Jay said...

I poked around the internets and I couldn't find it - it's the purple t-shirt with the black fish design on it, right?

Y'know that's exactly the sort of thing Darlton would love to answer on their podcast. Or, alternatively, try e-mailing Doc Jensen to see if he can track it down with his inside sources. :)