Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Tonight's episode is called "Whatever Happened, Happened," which sounds like we're going to get a Daniel-type lecture from the the 1974-ers on not being able to change the future. It would be very cool to get that straightened out, even cooler to get it from Daniel himself.

Including the season finale, there are seven episodes left this season. Assuming Lost has returned to flashback mode (there's certainly a lot we need to know), I kinda wonder who they're going to spotlight for the remaining episodes? The finale could be a smörgåsbord, but I bet the other six are going to focus on a specific character. So far this season we've had:

1. Because You Left - O6
2. The Lie - Hurley
3. Jughead - Desmond
4. The Little Prince - Kate
5. This Place Is Death - Sun/Jin
6. 316 - Jack
7. The Life And Death Of Jeremy Bentham - Locke
8. LaFleur - Sawyer
9. Namaste - Smörgåsbord
10. He's Our You - Sayid

Out of those that have already gotten an episode, Hurley, Kate and Desmond (or Ben) are the ones in most need of a second one. We still need to know 1) How Hurley got Charlie's guitar and ended up on 316 2) Where Kate stashed Aaron and 3) What did Ben do to Penny and Desmond? I think it's very possible we're going to get a Ben episode instead of another Desmond one. That would be very cool, but the Hurley and Kate episodes would only fill in some minor blanks.

So who do we need besides them? Well, Ilana and Caesar come to mind, even though we already got a good portion of Ilana's story last episode, but really Daniel and Miles are the two most interesting characters out there in need of a flashback. And since we need to catch up with Sun and Frank again, I wouldn't be surprised to see one of them get an episode as well. So let's take a guess:

11. Hurley
12. Kate
13. Ben
14. Miles
15. Caesar
16. Sun/Jin
Finale - Daniel

Saving Daniel for the finale seems like a very LOSTish thing for the writers to do, but I also wouldn't be surprised if they throw us a curve and give us something totally unexpected like, say, Pierre Chang or Richard flashbacks instead. Either of those would be awesome. While I really, really want a Daniel flashback, I think we'd all be hard pressed to say we wanted one over a Richard flashback, eh?

Enjoy the show tonight! Review up tomorrow morning! :)

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