Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Whither Smokey?

Tonight's episode is called "This Place Is Death," and last week's preview showed Locke climbing down into a hole, one that didn't look much like the Orchid, although they could have been at a point in time where it wasn't built yet.

My question is whether Locke is finally going to explore the cavern of tunnels that likely runs underneath the Island, possibly as an alternative way to get to the Orchid? We know from the Blast Door Map that there appears to be an underground tunnel system, possibly used by Smokey to travel around the Island unseen. Also from the Map (and confirmed by the Lost Puzzle Clues), we know that Smokey pops up around the Island through Cerberus Vents (labeled CVI, CVII, etc... on the map). This is why Smokey seemed to disappear underground after encountering Eko and Charlie back in "The 23rd Psalm" and likely where it tried to drag Locke when it snagged his leg in "Exodus." But this is one thing that has never really been investigated on the show.

So given the title of tonight's episode and that we know from the preview Locke's heading underground, I'm hoping for some Hot Smoke Monster Action tonight. After all, what could be more like death than traveling though Smokey's Supertrain transit system? :)

Enjoy the show! Review should be up tomorrow morning, evening at the latest!


Kerin said...

Hi Jay - Oh how I love Wednesday's...can't wait for the new epi tonight.

I would LOVE for them to give us more on ol' smokey, and I like the idea of Locke going into one of the tunnels that smokey uses.

I think the Orchid was built though, mainly because Rousseau landed on the island 16 yrs ago, which would be in the mid 1980's, and that's when they ended last weeks epi. (that's provided they don't go and time shift again)

I hope tonight that they give us Danielle's backstory - now that's something I've been waiting for.

Well happy watching - see you tomorrow for the recap.

Jay said...

I'm soooooooo hoping for Danielle's backstory too. :)

The Orchid would certainly have been built in her time period, but the show's been averaging 2-3 flashes per episode. I'm guessing they're going to get close to the Orchid and disappear again, forcing Locke to find another way in.

I wonder how much Daniel, Charlotte and Miles know about the Island? We saw Daniel in the Orchid in the season opener, but that could be from an Island flash that hasn't happened yet (in other words, our present-time Daniel hasn't experienced that yet). I guess I'm wondering if they could provide Locke hints as to other features of the Island from the past.