Thursday, February 5, 2009

That Feeling, You Can Only Say What It Is in French

In case you were curious about what Danielle and her crew were saying in French, Lostpedia has a full transcript and translation:


MONTAND: Robert... Regarde, le signal vient de l’ile. (look, the signal comes from the island)

ROBERT: Tu peux déterminer la source ? (can you find the source ?)


MONTAND: Bien sûr que oui. Regarde. (yes of course, look !)

ROBERT: Tu crois qu'l'île est habitée ? (do you think the island's inhabited ?)

(both speaking french)

ROUSSEAU: Ça va ? Comment tu te sens ? (how are you ? how are you feeling ?)

JIN: No understand.

ROUSSEAU: (French accent) You speak English?

JIN: (Panting) Little.

ROUSSEAU: Are you okay?

JIN: Yes.

ROUSSEAU: How did you get here?

JIN: Boat.

Robert surement : Qui est-ce? (who is he ?)

Montand : On s’en fout qui c'est. Qu’est ce qu’il fait ici ? (I don’t care who he is. What is he doing here ?)

ROUSSEAU: Il dit qu’il est venu en bateau. (he said he came by boat)

ROBERT: (French accent) What boat?

JIN: It's gone. Sink.

ROUSSEAU: It must've been caught in the same storm as ours.

MONTAND: Who are you? How long you in the water?

JIN: I don't know.

MONTAND: How do you not know how you wound up in the middle of the ocean, hein ?

ROUSSEAU: Montand ! Laisse-le, il est en état de choc. On a de l’eau à lui donner ? (leave him alone, he is shook up, do we have water for him ?)

Robert : Ouais. (yeah) (comes back with the water) Tiens. (Here)

ROUSSEAU: Merci, Robert. (thank you Robert)

JIN: (Exhales deeply) Thank you.

ROUSSEAU: What is your name?

JIN: Kwon Jin-su. Jin.

ROUSSEAU: Hello, Jin. I'm Danielle. Danielle Rousseau.

Nothing really shocking here, although I missed the Numbers recording during the broadcast. But the coolest bit of trivia from the episode is the following:
"Besixdouze" ("B612"), the apparent name of the expedition's lost boat (as per the wreckage on the beach), is a reference to the asteroid on which The Little Prince lives in the book.
Neat, eh? :)

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Steve Coleman said...

Thanks for the translation. I'm going to have to watch that scene again and listen for the numbers. That is what I figured they were listening to based on the information from Season 1 "Numbers".