Thursday, February 21, 2008

New Poll

I put the poll for "Eggtown" up - pretty curious to see what people thought of it too. Until the last five seconds, I actually thought it was a fairly bad episode. And I should have known her kid was really Aaron, but even when I saw the blonde hair I still thought it was Sawyer's. Couple odd thoughts while they're still fresh in my brain:

* I do not like this new, evil overlord Locke. When he gets frustrated, he turns into the Season 2 button pusher. While I know this complexity is part of what makes him a classic character, it just feels wrong somehow. I dunno.

* They wouldn't have been able to convict Kate without her Mom's testimony? Good thing Jack McCoy wasn't the DA. Still, methinks Kate is going to have some problems getting back to the island considering she can't even leave the state.

* Miles was merely trying to blackmail Ben? I know he's an opportunist but, well, that's just kinda lame.

* Guess Claire's not one of the Oceanic 6, eh? So much for Desmond's prediction. Maybe he lied to Charlie after all.

* So who were the eight that they claimed survived the flight? Guess two people died in the process, one being Claire.

* So they did tell people about "an" island. I'm guessing it's not "the" island, though.

* Does Future-Jack know Aaron is his nephew?

* Does Dan have early-onset Alzheimer's that he's trying to get the island to cure?

* Kate's really not preggers? Really?

* And lastly, a question for all the ladies - Who would you rather be stranded on a deserted island with - Naked Sawyer or Naked Sayid? =)

Enjoy your weekend. Full review next week (likely Tuesday).


Imperceptible Me said...

I agree Jay, except for the last 5 seconds this episode didn't do it for me. Miles extorting money from Ben doesn't seem right to me, HUH? Doesn't make sense. The fact that I do not like Kate may be the reason I didn't like this episode. And jeez, that's a hard question to answer about Sawyer and Sayid, but I'd probably go for Sawyer. He's a little boy inside and you know most women, we like to nurture. *wink*

Lisa said...

so was Kate's mom saying that the real life was 4 years ahead of the island with her comment about having been told for 4 years that she had 6 months to live ??? I would love to be with syaid but then again, all his women die so I think sawyer is safer lol

Missie said...

I found it interesting to see how much older Aaron is in the flash forward. Did her trial process take that long? Also, does anyone really know Aaron's origins besides the Oceanic 6- Aaron would not have been on the flight manifest. This of course means that Claire may not have been one of the other 2 survivors in the story Jack tells.
Before Ben even asked, my thought about Miles' exhortion was "why 3.2 million"? I'm hoping that strange, specific amount makes the whole blackmail thing more interesting.
No question- Sayid any day.

chefmom said...

You're asking us to choose between Sawyer and Sayid?? I'm speechless and drooling just trying to decide! Hot, HOT Sayid of Last week....mmmmmmm, Yes.Sentimental and tears over killing his lover? Let me kiss them away. But the toss me around like a rag doll, Sawyer of last night?! All scruffy and hiding behind that long hair. OH.....Wait, I'm sorry we're talking about LOST. Um, BOTH, sorry, They'll just have to share me :) LOL! As for the episode, it sucked. I totally called that the baby was going to be Aaron, halfway through the episode. My sister has watched the last 3 seasons over the past 2 weekends to catch up and she liked it...but I guess when it's all fresh, it's new and different, right? Have a great trip, even though part of it is work related. :)

NatyTuk said...

Wow!!! I don't know how, I ended up in here.. My "writhing" english it's really bad, but I understeand reading.. I love your blog, it's like amazing and I will putt it into my favs if you don`t mind^^

Jay said...

Back from skiing, off to New Haven at the crack of dawn tomorrow. *sigh*

Couple thoughts from all the great comments:

* I've had a weekend to marinate on this episode and I think the ending saved it even more than I initially thought. Kate-centric episodes have sucked the past couple seasons, but the simple fact Kate had Aaron opens up, well, pretty much all the questions I'll be addressing in my review.

* The time frame of this FF is a big question. Right now, I'd guess it goes something like Kate --> Hurley ---> Jack/Sayid. Sayid's is kinda impossible to place but you have to figure it's quite a bit in the future.

NatyTuk - Welcome and don't worry about the English. I need considerable work on my own as it is. Thanks for the favorite. :)

Yessifer said...

Wow a 2/5. Thank god I wasn't the only one that didn't like this episode.

* Kate's really not preggers? Really? I am with you on this one. You would think with Sawyers super sperm she would get knocked up after their second encounter.

As for you question to the ladies I would vote for NAKED SAYWER!