Friday, February 1, 2008

Lost Episode 4.01, "The Beginning of the End"

Lost is baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! Is everyone as happy as I was last night?

What terrific season opener. The flash forwards were simply a stroke of genius. I actually found myself tonight looking forward to Hurley's off-island activities more than the actual on-island stuff. Wasn't it nice not to have a Jack-centric opener too? I know they really couldn't have had one since Jack closed out Season 3, but after realizing it was a Hurley episode I was positively giddy.

And kudos to Jorge Garcia for a terrific acting job. In fact, y'all should head over and compliment him yourself.

Five Questions/Points from last night:

1. Who's eye is this?

Most people seem to think it was this man:

Which would make sense since he showed up right after Hurley had his Jacob cabin Halloween freak out. But after looking at the screen cap I'm not so sure. It that Locke's eye, tinted dark by the night? Or was someone else in Jacob's cabin with:

2. Christian Shepherd?

Um, dude? WTF? Now in the light of Christian appearing in Monday's mindboggling good mobisode, one has to wonder who's responsible for all the visions on the island? I always thought it was the smoke monster impersonating everyone. But could it be Jacob instead? Or are Jacob and Smokey one and the same?

I don't think Christian Shepherd is actually Jacob - remember that Ben saw his mother on the island too. But I do think, along with the mobisode, that this suggests that Jack is at least as important to the island as Locke, if not more.


Written on Charlie's hand. Kudos to Dominic for a great cameo too. So how far does the island's influence reach? It seems like "it," assuming "it" is the island, is going to great lengths to get them all back if it can send a dead rock star thousands of miles to send a message. I'm kind of digging Charlie now that he's dead too. :)

4. Matthew Abaddon

You just don't trust someone named after the "Angel of the the Abyss."

Hurley may be crazy, but he showed some great insight (for him) in calling him out. This brings up two big questions: What does everyone who got off the island have to keep secret and who's trying to find it out? Is the good Matthew from the same group that landed on the island? Did Locke and the others successfully repel them? Very cool (in a dark, intriguing way) how Jack was simply worried about whether Hurley gave up info rather than seeing Hurley himself.

5. Who are the rest of the Oceanic 6?

Jack, Kate, Hurley. Plus, Desmond did have a vision of Claire leaving the island. If that comes true, it makes four. Jin and Sun certainly have the most incentive to leave , however I think it would probably make for a more dramatic storyline if they didn't make it. Therefore my last two guesses are Sayid and Desmond, both of whom have long-lost loves they really want to return to (remember we know Nadia is living in LA now).

BTW, this is a spoiler free blog. If you know, please don't spill the beans.

Other Random Thoughts

1. I loved how we saw a pre-oxycontin Jack adding alcohol to his morning OJ. He's slowly becoming his father.

2. Also interesting how Hurley couldn't even talk about Ana-Lucia's on-island activities to her partner. Does the vow of silence encompass all island happenings, even ones that are dead?

3. Raise your hand if you thought Smokey (or the island) took Naomi's body at first. I did.

4. Ben was delightfully snarky this episode. Can't wait to have him and Locke go at it (or are they allies now) in the Barracks.

5. So does Kate leave Sawyer behind on the island? And what happens to their (likely) child? Could the "he" Kate was referring to in the Season Finale be their son? I haven't looked forward to a Kate-centric episode since the beginning of Season 2; now I'm positively dying for one.

Overall: Incredible opener. Better than last season, for sure. 4.5/5


Missie said...

I don't think we can neccessarily write off any of the folks who went to the barracks as not leaving the Island, because after all, Hurley had been among them. His regret not following Jack in the flash forward makes me wonder, does some bad stuff go down at the Barracks, or does something happen with Jack's group that Hurley somehow feels he could have prevented? And lastly, maybe more than 6 make it off the island, but the world is only supposed to know about 6. I'm wondering if the ones who need Hurley's help are even still on the island.

memphish said...

Note that Big Mike doesn't even ask Hurley about an island. No did you know Ana on the island. I can't wait to see what story the Oceanic 6 are peddling to the world.

someGirl said...

I'm with Missie, what was up with Hurley regreting he didn't go with Jack...that had me wondering the entire night!!I'm so confused...and it feels great!

And someone else posted that Juliet and Desmond could have gotten off the island because they were not passengers of Oceanic 815...true, very true.

I don't think that was Locke...I was thinking about whether Jacob and "The Island" are one in the same over the long break too. And I don't think they are. I think Jacob is trying to escape that Haunted Love Shack and he wants the *spirit* (??) of Christian take over rocking chair duty...I mean no one ever found Christian's body, maybe Jacob re-animated him...I'm stretching I know, but I haven't LOST Stretched in many months.

Kerin said...

Jay, I love your blog...the pics, your comments/questions...I pop in on the occassion, but I'm not much of a poster...however LOST is back and I'm ready for some discussion on friendly site.

About the eye, I don't think it's Locke, at first look I wanted to say Mikhail, but I have no back up for more than likely, that's incorrect...remember back in Season 1, the show started with a shot of an eye?? Hmmm, connection?

Also - I totally missed the writing on Charlie's hand (in Hurley's FF)Great screenshot on that.

And did you catch at the end of the show..the picture of the island with LOST over it, the reflection in the water is not of mountains, it is of a city skyline (perhaps LA?) I found that curious...especially with the recap/pop-up show on Wed night mentioning mirror images so much...and the whole mirror theory

There's so much to think about, it was a great opener...looking forward to the next 7 shows!!!

Shelley said...

It seems pretty apparent to me that the oceanic six, whomever they are, decided to go with the story that their airplane had landed in the ocean for whatever reason decided never to tell anyone about the island. They could have told the world that the plane did sink, as the world (according to Naomi) seems to believe, and that they survived on a life raft or something to that nature. This could easily simply be because they didn't want to talk about all of the blood and murder that occurred on the island, or because of something darker that we don't understand yet. This would explain why Charlie is bothering Hugo, because it would mean that Hugo is feeling guilt over the fact that he's covering up Charlie's death, which Hugo was obviously heavily impacted by. It would also explain why Hugo chose to lie about Ana Lucia, and why the policeman didn't ask whether he'd met Ana on the island.

Jay said...

Y'know I totally didn't process the whole "never mentioning there was an island" thing with Big Mike, but you guys are absolutely right. Okay, so no one knows about the island and they survived on a raft or something.

That would also somewhat explain why they're all so very famous since survival at sea for three months would probably be more spectacular than survival on an island (although they'll have to come up with something great for Hurley's weight for that one). :)

Miss - You're right in that more may have gotten off the island than were publicly revealed. Kinda neat to think that maybe Charles Widmore has them locked in a lab somewhere. That would be soooooo cool. :)

Ana - Good to see you! Christian being re-animated is something I've recently thought about. Damon and Carlton have repeated joked about having the "zombie season" - it would be hilarious if they actually made one. XD

Kerin - Thanks for the kind words! The skyline thingy was part of the poster art for the fourth season. I think it's supposed to reflect (pun intended) that now we're getting glimpses of the off-island future of the Oceanic 6. I think a couple of the ads had a big 6 in the water too. :)

Carly said...

Hello Everyone! I like your post Jay. One comment I have to make though is that Hurley did not recognize Matthew A. If he had been actually on the island with whatever other new people show up, I would think that at some point Hurley would have met or seen him if he was there. But what was interesting was Hurley's reaction to the man. So suspicious and almost scared of him, or what he could do. Whoever he is, he may not be connected to the new people on the island. For one, he obviously doesn't know very much if he is asking Hurley "are they still alive?" Who? Other people on Oceanic 815? Why would he think the rest didn't die in the crash? Or, if he was part of the new people that come to the island, he would know there were more suvivors already. I kept dreaming about Lost last night! I am not going to get any sleep for the next 8 weeks!!!!

Missie said...

RE the eye- In the still the eye looks very brown, and Locke has blue eyes, so I'm writing him off the list of candidates. Interestingly, as someone previously said to, my got reaction was "Mikhail", but I also have nothing to back this up.

someGirl said...

Missie: It could be Mikhail....He DID say in the Looking Glass statton to Charlie that he had "already died once this week" Maybe he was there to protect Jacob at all costs. Mikhail's constant resurections would be one of many unexplainable mysteries (think #'s) My $ is still on it being Jacob though....


Hi Carly!

Carly said...

Hi Ana! Long time no chat! yay for Lost!

Kerin said...

I was curious on your thoughts
(Jay and all other posters here)what do you think about the chalk board picture behind Hurley and Abaddon? Here's a link to it-

And what did you think about Rose's comment about not going with Locke..I think she put it as "I'm not going anywhere with that man"....that made me go HMMMM, I was under the impression that they (Rose/Locke) had a connection cause of the islands healing powers.

Jay said...

Oh, thanks for that link Kerin! Gitsie Girl actually mentioned it, but I hadn't tracked down the screen cap. I think it's significance is probably more easter eggish than anything. It is amusing though.

As far as Rose goes, I was also a little surprised she didn't go with Locke. However remember she was part of the group that was there when Locke knifed Naomi in the back. She's probably a bit freaked out by him right now, despite their mutual connection.

Hannah said...

Hi Jay! Happy lost is back to you too!

The opener was so great! I loved it.

Good post btw!

P.S I think it was patchy's eye. Hmmmm, that would be interesting.

Caroline said...

Hi all - I have never posted here before but I LOVE Lost and thinking about theories (and unfortunately have no one around who is as into it as I am to talk to!) I found this site through The Lost Diary but it gets kind of weird over there sometimes and don't really feel comfortable posting.

Jay, first off, I love the site - keep up the good work :)

I don't really have many new original theories or thoughts to add but just wanted to introduce myself after I read over everything everyone else had to say.

I have watched the episode 3 times now - just to be watching it - and can't wait til Thursday!!

Jay said...

Thanks for the kind comments Caroline, and welcome. :)

I'd love the eye to be Patchy, but the writers have said Patchy's really, truly dead this time. :(