Thursday, February 21, 2008

Deleted Scene

Doc Artz has the scoop on a cool deleted scene from "The Economist" involving Miles and the Sonic Fence. Check it out.

Regarding the review of tonight's "Eggtown," I'm going to essentially be away from early tomorrow morning until Tuesday. The weekend features skiing and Monday is a travel day for me at work. What this means for my review is that it probably won't be put up until Tuesday evening at the earliest.

There is a slim chance I could get it up Sunday night, but since I have to be up really, really early on Monday and I'm supposed to be somewhat coherent for a talk and meeting with colleagues, I probably won't have much time.

But I'll put up the episode poll tonight and might check in with an initial thought or two. Happy Lost Day, everyone! :)

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Capcom said...

I love that deleted scene! It sort of brings home that point that perhaps Miles is getting some direction from the whispers/dead folks on the island.