Sunday, October 7, 2007

Scriptwriting 101

A bit of news from Hawaii. It's not really spoilerish - just a setting, no plot or cast info - but I put it in invisotext for those that don't want to know anything. Highlight to read, don't read below if you don't want to know. :)
The media circus at the state Capitol on Friday did not involve the Legislature. It was the crew from ABC's hit show "Lost," which was filming a scene. People passing by saw flashing lights, fake police cars and a horde of news media. The cast was shooting for the upcoming season, which begins airing in February.

The show's producers are extremely secretive so the plot of the scene is being kept under wraps.
Okay. So we have a scene at an official looking building with an event that causes the police and media hounds to show up. Speculation time! Posit:

1) Flashback, flash forward, or off-island real time.
2) Who the scene involves
3) General description of what's going on

Think of it like a "Clue" solution. I'm going with 1) Flash Forward (Kate), 2) Kate, Jack, and Lance Reddick's new character 3) Kate reluctantly agrees to help Jack get information that will help them get back to the island, but Reddick catches them *ahem* "Red" handed.


capcom said...

I see no spoilers, hear no spoilers, and speak no spoilers. :o)

pgtbeauregard said...


I'm with you. I spoiled myself last season, and really regretted it.

Jay, thanks for providing info for those who want it though!

capcom said...

Well I am warming up to finding out what actors will be playing what new characters now. Just to take the edge off the hunger pangs you see. :-) But so far I am staying away from news of actual events that will occur in S4. So far. At this point.

We'll see how I feel around December.