Tuesday, October 2, 2007

A Question of Time... Slots

I just put two polls up in the sidebar because I'm curious of when y'all would like Lost to air when it returns. I do have a preference, but I'll add my vote at the end and talk about it in the comments.


Four more months, everyone. Just four more months.


someGirl said...

I vote for Wed because for some reason it 'feels' like a shorter wait for the next epi to air...Makes no sense, I know.

And 4 months will fly by because it's the holidays...so I tell my self

I just love your site Jay!! I might not have anything intelligent to add, but I just enjoy reading everything you discuss...

memphish said...

I prefer Wed. because I hate change. :-)

Other than that I prefer Tuesday because I watch NOTHING on Tuesday. I've watched Reaper the last 2 weeks, but I can easily give it up.

Monday might be okay, but I'd prefer 10 pm to 8 pm. Thursday at 10 pm would also work for me. I'm waiting for ABC to call and ask me.

Cool_Freeze said...

Truthfully I like Wednesday..

I can say that I have taken to shows like Bones and House since LOST isn't on. I always have loved those shows...but I've never looked FORWARD to them every week like I do now.

The new show Journeyman is also a very good show. Life is ok as well. Now mind you, I don't watch all of these on the television...I usually watch them some other time of the week online.

Yeah..sorry I got of topic..anyway..anyday works for me....I will find a way to watch each and every episode somehow.


capcom said...

I'll pick Wednesday and at 9:00. Wednesday just feels like "Lost Night" after 3 years. I'm afraid of what might happen if ABC starts tossing its time slot around willynilly. At 8:00 it's too early for kids to see cage sex, Kate's hands down Sawyer's pants, and lingering close-up shots up Kate's dress, if they are going to keep the show in same provocative vein as last season. But that's just my child-protective opinion.

Jay said...

Thanks Ana! You add to the site just by stopping by. :)

I'm surprised at how many people like Wednesday. I like the day too, but I do wonder if Lost would do better on another, non American Idol night?

As for the time, I honestly hadn't thought about the show being inappropriate at 8pm, but I guess I could why people would object. But I definitely think it would benefit from a pre-10pm time slot.

Reaper looks interesting, and I do love Kevin Smith. :)

memphish said...

I don't think people who watch LOST watch AI or if they do they understand how to watch both with their recording devices. The finale ratings prove that both can exist on the same night and satisfy a lot of people.

The whole ratings thing is so out of whack with the reality of TV watching right now it could/should be interesting to see what happens next. While the 18-49 demo is allegedly the key demo, that's also the exact group of people who are most likely to record and skip the commercials even when they are watching it within an hour of its actual airing.

If you've given 3 years to LOST unless something goes seriously off track in the next 2 years you will hang in for 3 more. But its pretty ridiculous to think you're going to add new viewers over 70 hours into the show. A few will, yes, I even know some personally. But people who watch S1-S3 on DVD are also likely to wait for DVDs on the subsequent seasons as well.

Carly said...

As long as they don't move it to the Friday death slot they'll be ok. Didn't I read somewhere that Lost was the most tivoed show during last season anyway or something? Long live TIVO!

Yessifer said...

Wed at 9 or 10 sounds good to me. Carly I heard the same thing. Lost was the most tivoed and downloaded show last season. So I really don't understand why ABC is so upset with the ratings.