Thursday, May 27, 2010

What Could Have Been...

One last thought on "The End" and I'm done. I was looking back through some of my old theories and such and came across this entry, and I couldn't help but think how much cooler (to me) a sci-fi ending to the show would have been.

I know most of you disagree, but I think right up until "Across The Sea," I was still expecting an ending like that. That change in expectations after AtS definitely contributed to my disappointment in the finale.

Makes me also realize just how wrong my predictions were about everything, especially in Seasons 4 & 5. *sigh*


Paula Abdul Alhazred said...


I know you're bummed that the finale let you down, but don't feel too bad about it. And I didn't think you were being negative just to hate on the show or anything . . . the last sweep of the story just didn't connect with you. Maybe you'll dig it in time, maybe you never will. C'est la vie!

I don't think the metaphysical direction of the series negates the sci-fi elements, though. The show was still sci-fi, it just mostly focused on that part of the things in seasons four and five. And even at the end of the story, it's still a time traveling island with a weird electromagnetic anomaly. Just turns out that it's a bit more than that, too.

Thanks so much for posting and sharing your thoughts on LOST all these years. It's been a blast reading your theories and swapping ideas. I'll definitely try to stop by your next blog and see what's up.

I'll be posting my thoughts on the finale over on my blog soon; please drop a line if the mood strikes you. I'll also be posting about some supposedly unanswered questions that I think the show actually answered (albeit obliquely), so hopefully that will be interesting.

Take care, Jay!

Jay said...

Oh I agree in general, Paula, and I'll definitely stop by with some thoughts.

Y'know Darlton always said they weren't going to answer questions unless they fit in with the overall narrative, not going out of their way to answer some of the niggling things that were still hanging. I guess my disappointment lies more in that the narrative they constructed for Season 6 not only didn't leave room to answer a whole lot, but it seemed to pretty much ignore some of the larger questions still left on the show - all the Egyptian imagery and the childbirth issues are probably the two largest. Looking forward to seeing your list. :)