Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Link Dump + Predictions

I have no clue what the title of tonight's episode, Across The Sea, means, nor do I have any idea whether it'll have some sort of centricity either. But my gut feeling from the title is that this may be an info dump on the origins of the Island, Smokey and Jacob in general. Anyone who's seen the "No Exit" episode of BSG will know what I mean. I'm not linking to that episode because it contains MASSIVE SPOILERS for anyone who hasn't seen the series yet and still wants to (and I highly, highly recommend it - in fact, this reminds me that I still have a BSG series review to do. Hmmm....)

Link Dump:

- Lostpedia is hosting a Q&A with Darlton, not about show mysteries or questions, but about general influences, writing stuff, etc. You can post your questions to them here and they'll try and answer as many as they can before the finale. Be warned: There are a lot of questions already.

- This is a funny Darlton video (featuring the Muppets), if you haven't seen it already.

- I picked up the EW Lost Finale issue and I was a bit underwhelmed. It's not bad, per se, just kinda thin, especially when compared with what they did for Seinfeld's departure. I still have that Seinfeld issue and it's simply one of the best magazines I've ever read. Complete series guide with capsules and ratings for every episode, lists upon lists of minutia, guest stars, Jerry's girlfriends, Newman appearances, a guide to Seinfeld around New York City, etc., etc...

Now I really didn't expect something quite so good for Lost, but I did hope it would be similarly comprehensive. And while there is some good stuff in it, it wasn't anything special. Oh well. Worth picking up if you're traveling and need something to browse.

Fearless Predictions:

1) The big reveal tonight will be a full explanation of "the rules" behind Smokey and Jacob's little contest and I predict we'll also find out just how the new Jacob is chosen and ascends his Island throne,

2) The big Alt reveal tonight will be exactly what Eloise knows about the Alt timeline and what her role in all of this really is.

3) The episode will end tonight with Desmond telling Jack and company about the existence of the Alt

4) The carnage will continue. My guess is Richard or Miles is going to buy it tonight at the hands of a really pissed off Smoke Monster.

5) A new, underground DHARMA station will be found, The Leaf, manned by two guys who've subsisted on nothing but Twinkies and Ding Dongs for the last fifteen years (that stuff never goes bad, right)?

I am 100% certain these things shall come to pass. Enjoy the show! Review up Wednesday! :)


R said...


we tracked down our footage from the flash-sideways. here is our "Everybody Loves Hugo" video with one of our guy's at popular flash-sideways mexican eatery.


jack said...

I predict that we will learn The Man in Black's name. The only reason for the writers to keep the name from us for so long is if it has some significance, which I'm guessing we'll discover in this episode.

Missie said...

had they done that, I may have forgiven the episode several other things. I thought they were building up to it the whole episode, and his name would be the big reveal at the end. Once you realized the crazy lady was living at the caves, you could see the Adam and Eve thing coming a mile away. I was disappointed that that was the BIG REVEAL for the episode. I wanted that name!

mastaiti said...

I am really bummed because all that time when the main characters were in dharmaville they could have answered some questions. What is the deal with Radzinsky? Why did the whole charade with the quarantine happen? What is up with the food drops? Why did the pearl shoot its journals out in a field? These are just some of the questions they are going to leave unanswered.

I feel like in the writers quest to keep the show mysterious they just chose to keep viewers in the dark. Instead we got the love triangle. Please.

And what is the deal with Walt!!!

The Rush Blog said...

Midichlorians, for those of you unfamilar, is George Lucas' feeble attempt to explain The Force in the later Star Wars films. What are midichlorians?

You really weren't paying attention when "THE PHANTOM MENACE" first aired, were you?

According to Qui-Gon Jinn, midi-chlorians were microscopic life forms that lived inside the cells of all living things. When present in sufficient numbers, they could allow their symbiont (living things) to detect the pervasive energy field known as the Force.

That's it. I can't believe that the Prequel bashers have been making such a fuss over this, in the past decade.