Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Word Play

Tonight's episode is called "Recon," which according to the dictionary means:

re·con 1 (rkn)
The smallest genetic unit capable of recombination.

Huh. As a biologist (albeit not a geneticist), I've actually never heard recon used in that way before. But it also naturally means:

re·con 2 (rkn)
n. Informal

i.e., the definition most of us are familiar with meaning "to scout." But what if the title is actually a pun? Given we haven't had a Sawyer episode yet this season, the title could actually stand for "re-con," to con again. Sawyer's already pulled the Long Con on Kate and Locke once, perhaps tonight we'll get to see him do it again.

Enjoy the show! Review up tomorrow morning! :)

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Missie said...

In the 3 genetics classes I took, and in my years in the lab, I've never heard 'recon' used in that way. I'm guessing it is either a very outdated use, or a new, hip use in hardcore genetics.