Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Fearless Predictions

1) Tonight's Ben-centric episode will be the best of the season so far

2) Alt Locke will make another appearance in Ben's sideways flashes

3) We'll see Sawyer and Jin again

4) We'll find out who's coming to the Island

5) Smokey, Claire and Sayid will kill Kate and feast upon her heart

I feel very confident that all these things shall come to pass tonight.


Enjoy the show! Review up tomorrow! :)


stefanie said...

though i think your last prediction might be a bit of a stretch :), i definitely think that we are going to see kate die, and I've thought this since the premiere episode. I don't know if it will happen so soon in the season though even though kate is annoying to me so i wouldn't mind!

Jay said...

You never know, Stefanie. All that drowning and stabbing Others might have given Sayid quite the appetite. ;)

But seriously I really don't think Kate is dying anytime soon - certainly not until the finale if at all. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if the final scene had just Jack and Kate in it.