Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thought For The Day

I don't know why this didn't occur to me earlier, but the title of next week's episode, "Sundown," could be a play on words along the lines of "Lockdown." Uh-oh.

Bonus thought: If Alt Ben is a teacher in Alt L.A., then he and his father were probably never brought to the Island in the 70's to work for DHARMA. And since they both would have arrived on the Island pre-Incident, it seems to suggest the Island was destroyed much earlier than that.

Edit: Bonus, bonus thought: Jack suggests David is a Red Sox fan, but David has a Dodgers poster on the door to his room. Discuss.


stefanie said...

I laughed when Jack talked about putting on the Red Sox. If you recall he laughed at the possibility of the Red sox ever winning a world series when he was captured by the others and Ben told him the Red sox had won. Great little detail change of the alt timeline :)

mastaiti said...

I am also thinking that sundown might go along with the title of the first Sun and Jin episode which was house of the rising sun.

David also had a Dodgers hat on in the pictures with Jack.

Missie said...

Sun and Jin are due for an episode, and it does compliment House of the Rising Sun as someone pointed out. Why do you suppose they were so hush hush about showing previews for this episode at the end of last week's?

Jay said...

Y'know I hadn't thought about it, but if the Alt Flight 815 landed on September 22nd, 2004 then the Red Sox haven't won the World Series yet.

Imagine a scene in a future episode where Jack is watching the World Series (or better yet, the ALCS) and the Red Sox lose. That makes him snap, thinking "no, that's not right. They're supposed to win this year. This is the year they break the curse." And that gives him incentive to change things back.

I also happen to know that this week's episode is NOT a Sun/Jin episode. But if something happens to Sun next week, I imagine the week after that we'll get one. :)