Monday, February 8, 2010

Poll Results

Results from my previous poll where I asked which mysteries would you most like an answer to this season. Respondents were allowed to check as many as they wanted:

Mystery (with # of votes and % of people who voted for it):

1) Who are Jacob and the Nemesis? (18, 72%)
2) What is the Monster? (17, 68%)
3-tie) What are the Whispers? (14, 66%)
3-tie) What is the Island? (14, 66%)
5) What's in the Temple? (13, 52%)
6) Why is Aaron important? (12, 48%)
7) Why do pregnant women die on the Island? (9, 36%)
8-tie) Who are Adam and Eve? (8, 32%)
8-tie) What's Libby's backstory? (8, 32%)
10-tie) Who are Ilana and Bram? (6, 24%)
10-tie) Does everyone on Flight 815 have a specific destiny? (6, 24%)
12) Did the Juliet really change history by detonating the bomb? (4, 16%)

Couple things surprised me here. First was the Whispers placing so high - really one of the oldest unsolved mysteries on the show, but one that has kinda fallen off the radar in recent seasons. Second was the Flight 815 question placing so low - really that question to me is one of the core mysteries of the show itself. And it seems more and more like the answer to that question is "yes."

Tomorrow's episode is called "What Kate Does," meaning a likely Kate-centric alt timeline show. Kate episodes have been some of the weakest in recent years, so let's see if getting half a show with kick-ass Season One Kate back can break that trend.

Of course, if the other half has her making googly, weepy eyes at Sawyer the entire time, the streak will continue unabated. Enjoy the show! Review up Wednesday morning! :)

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