Monday, May 5, 2008

More About Aaron

My thinking in that previous little post was a bit clouded by some post-Iron Man cocktails, but I guess what I was trying to get at was the following:

1) Now that the "raised by another" mantra has been raised once again (and seems to be important rather than a red herring), we have to ask why it's so important that Claire raise him? In other words, who is Aaron going to grow up to be and what will his destiny be?

2) What exactly did Ben want Aaron for? "Island birthing research," to me, just doesn't sound right given that a) Aaron seems to have a much more important destiny than simply being a part of Juliet's lab agenda and b) Given the nursery they set up in the Medical Station it seems that they planned on raising Aaron rather than cutting him open to see what made him tick.

So my question with that little post was really asking what bad thing would happen in the future if Aaron was raised by Ben rather than Claire? Now Aaron being Charles doesn't really make a whole lot of sense, but what if Aaron was eventually sent back in time and became someone else we already know in the present?

Charles was my first thought since 1) he's one of the oldest people we know on the show and 2) if Ben and Charles can't kill each other for whatever reason (and really aren't one and the same either) then what if Ben knew Aaron was going to grow up to become Charles and wanted to change the future by raising him himself?

But what if Aaron grew up to become someone else? Jacob is the other obvious candidate, but imagine he turned out to be the father of another of the Losties or Others? I kind of like the idea of Aaron actually being Christian Shepherd's father, Jack's great-grandfather, giving the show a Futurama-like feel. I'll talk a bit more about this idea in Part III of my comic book/Lost installment, but I just thought I'd put these thoughts out there now so I can refer to them later. Hopefully Part II will be up this week, but given that I'm going away on Friday, work may intervene. My review will be up on Friday as usual though.

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Here in NY it was gorgeous - really the first real weekend with a summer feel to it. So nice. :)


Capcom said...

Good thoughts! I'm not sure who I think that Aaron is. He might be just the one who is supposed to inherit the island as its caretaker after Jacob finally finds a way to get to Valhalla, with Claire raising him for that on the island. Or, the "not raised by another" really meant "not rasied by an Other", and Malkin didn't really know what that meant when he "saw" and said it. But I'm still not too sure that Malkin wasn't shoved by someone into saying that to her. Obviously, I don't know what to think. :-)

Caroline said... Iron Man cocktails ;)

I agree that Aaron is much more important than we - or at least *I* - originally thought he was. My thinking is running along the lines of Jack being so eager in the FF episodes to get back to the island because he is repeatedly being told that he isn't supposed to be raising him and Claire is still on the island/alive (which goes against the she is already dead theory some are proposing)...

As for who he is or will become who knows!

Imperceptible Me said...

haha. Who any of these people are is a complete mystery to me. They all have some kind of important thing to say or do. There must be a reason why they are all together. Gosh, it's such a freaking mystery! I LOVE IT! Lost is one of the most enjoyable shows I have ever watched. I can't wait to find out the answers.

M.M. said...

Here's something to think about...

All babies CONCEIVED on the island die, correct?

But babies BORN on the island seem to survive.

Besides Aaron, who was the only other child born on the island?


Hmmmm, interesting. That's gotta mean something. Especially now that she is dead.

Is Aaron Widemore's grandson?

Jay said...

It's true, M.M. - and all the most reason I'm so sad Danielle's dead! We need her backstory, darn it! :P