Monday, May 19, 2008

The Lost Room (Updated)

Anyone seen it? I wanted to when it first aired, but never got a chance. A week or two ago, I finally broke down and bought the DVD and Em and I watched the first episode last night. Pretty neat. Reminds me a lot of Friday the 13th, The Series (a very, very underrated show, IMHO, which had no relation whatsoever to the movies), but with a neater, more personal, twist. Feels like it would make an awesome video game too - collecting cool objects that create different effects when they're together? Sounds like Legend of Zelda sans elves.

Looking forward to the rest. Anyone know if it's going to become a full series or not? SciFi website for the show is here, if you're interested.

*No spoilers below, but everyone be warned there may be some in the comments*

UPDATE: Finished the series last night. Thought, in general, it was terrific. Simply a fabulous cast, and not just the main characters - all the supporting charaters (Wally, the Weasel, Kreutzfeld, Harold) were wonderfully fleshed out by their portrayers. And the concept was such fun, so original I do wish they had made the series a bit longer. I think 12-26 episodes could have easily been done without the show getting repetitive. And while I do think it has a lot of potential as a full series (provided all of the cast returns), I think there is some risk there given how the show ends. Highly recommended to anyone who hasn't seen it yet.

If anyone wants to discuss plot stuff (Capcom, Memphish), feel free to put it in the comments. Everyone just be warned that there may be spoilers if you haven't seen the series and plan on watching it.


memphish said...

I watched this when it aired. I enjoyed it. There was some talk of a series, but at this point Peter Krause is the lead on Dirty, Sexy Money, so if they ever do it, I assume they'll recast. Enjoy the rest of it.

Capcom said...

I watched it too, ditto what Memphish said. I had hopes that the sequel/series would have been out by now. I was going to ask Memphish something about the ending, but I'll wait until you finish it.

Capcom said...

I was hoping that SciFi would at least repeat it a couple times (like they do with all their other BAD movies) so I could get a chance to reconnect what I saw the first time around. At this point I've forgotten the important concepts.

Jay said...

Well worth seeing again, Capcom. I got my copy from the Blockbuster bargain bin for like $12. :)

It would be sad if they recast, I think, and maybe that is the reason that they haven't.

There were only two things I really didn't like much about the series:

1) The doctor's side story I thought was a bit contrived. I know it existed to introduce the Order to us (which I did think was pretty cool). But his motivation to me felt forced and him becoming a "prophet" felt a little silly to me.

2) The Room 9 experiment was a bit odd and felt a little bit too much like a deus ex machina to end the series. I loved the Occupant, though, and I like the idea that Miller is now the new one.

So it seems to me that the only thing they could do to make it into a full series is to have them try and have to gather up all the objects for some purpose or another. Every episode, different object. Of course, if Miller is immortal now it takes some of the suspense out of it.

Loved the entire cast though. Wally and the Weasel were simply delightful as supporting characters. :)

Capcom said...

Good points. I don't recall understanding why or how the first people got the whole thing started in the first place. And how the lady got stuck there (if I am remembering correctly). Why did they nail all those things to the door anyway?

Jay said...

It was totally unclear, Capcom, and that ambiguity was one of the slightly disappointing things of the finale.

As I understand it, the Collectors were trying an experiment in Room 9 by combining several objects with the Watch Box, which "reduces entropy," presumably in an attempt to bring back Room 10. Instead they "tore a hole in reality" which sent the woman (who was the hotel manager) to interdimensional space where all the objects in Room 10 go when the room is reset (and where Miller's daughter was sent). The tear was quickly closed by the Occupant, but not before she became trapped.

As for how it all started, they never gave an explanation for the Event, although I'm fine with that since it's something they could explore in an extended series.

Capcom said...

Hey thanks! I thought that I was supposed to have understood all that by the time it was over, and I just didn't get it. Yay! I'm not dumb! Much. :-B