Monday, April 21, 2008


Ready for "Lost" yet? I'm still somewhat buried with work , wedding planning, etc., but I'll have my usual review up on Friday. I've been keeping as far away as I possibly can from all spoiler sites to maximize my enjoyment of the rest of the season. I so need a "Lost" fix now. :)

Thanks for all the congrats on Yale too. I was so incredibly stressed in the week or two leading up to the interview. It's taken me a week just to decompress from that back down to normal. But now that I've had time to absorb the prospect, I'm so tremendously excited at the opportunity.

The one thing I'm wondering about the final six (SIX!) episodes is where is the season going to end? The logical ending of the season would be with the Oceanic 6 getting off the island, but part of me wonders if the writers are going to throw us a curve in that regard. I'm also curious to see if anyone else is going to die, especially since Claire and Jin still seem to be in the crosshairs and since there seems to be another "war" brewing between the freighter folk and the islanders, you have to think there's going to be some casualties coming.

You guys have any hopes/thoughts for the last six episodes?


Tickey said...

I'm afraid it's gonna be Claire

Caroline said...

First of all, late congrats on the fellowship :)

I don't have any expectations - I am just ready for it to be back on - only 2 more days!!! :)

Imperceptible Me said...

I'm just ready for Lost to happen AGAIN! I don't want Jin to die. Could care less if Claire dies. Eww, that sounded cold. Congrats on your fellowship.

Capcom said...

Ditto on the academic achievement!

I vote that TPTB are going to throw us a curve in every regard, as a cliffhanger. :-( But if we get some juicy answers before it's over for the year, I'll cope.

Caroline said...

BTW, and off topic but did someone here recommend "The Time Traveler's Wife?" I am about halfway through it and it is great - mind boggling, but great!

Jay said...

I think either Memphish or Bigmouth had a post on The Time Travelers Wife a while ago. It IS supposed to be freakily similar to LOST - probably should put it on my reading list. :)