Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Lots of work, Mets bullpen sucks, long day tomorrow, no LOST for another two weeks. :(

How you all doing?

Addendum: This TOTALLY brightened my evening, though! :)


Capcom said...

Interesting article and prospect!

I wonder if Darlton felt like they just couldn't fit their planned season into the WGA-shortened one, and really do want to squeeze out the season that they had planned for quality's sake. It's wonderful when someone is that committed to their art.

Imperceptible Me said...

I'm missing Lost! Of course I'm such a geek though.

Hannah said...

This is too painful. I want LOST back now. Now damn it, now now now!

Very cool about the additional hour. Do you think they will make it a two hour season finale?

Caroline said...

Check this out - the date looks to be yesterday so I guess it is official -

Jay said...

Ohhhh, thanks for the link Caroline. Y'know, I used to read Kristin all the time but stopped for fear of being spoiled.

I will say though, she has one of the best jobs in the universe. :)