Friday, April 25, 2008

About Those Glyphs...

Been looking over Wikipedia's glyph lists to try and figure out what the heck Ben's door says, but it's really tough to see them all.

The door again:

As far as I can tell, the two little men on the door are A27 (top) and A24 (bottom), both of which seem to mean "to strike" or "to hit."

The container is probably W24, which means "to get."

The ankh traditionally means "life," but the one on the door seems more stylized than a normal ankh symbol. It looks a bit like an upside-down Q7 symbol. Sort of.

There's also a folded cloth up top, one of the symbols from the Swan timer, which means "health."

The squiggly line is universal for water, but I can't really make out the symbol it's under. It looks like one of the container symbols with two little circles inside towards the top.

The little upside down fish like symbol, depending on whether there really is a line underneath the tail or not, could be either V7, which is a phonetic symbol, or perhaps U36 which can mean "alas."

Anyway, I've stared at these things long enough. Best guess: "Enter this chamber and get a weapon to use to strike your enemy and save your life." Or something. Anyone out there with better eyes than me? :)


Capcom said...

Wow, that's great, good job. This is what Fenris got:

"Summon Protect Power/Strike".

The top left is definitely "Summon". Next to that is a wavy line with a semicircle with two dots on, I can't find that symbol (specifically the semicircle with the dots). However the Summon part made it clear that you need to read from right to left as it matched precisely so it probably means "push here to". Lol.

The bottom part is a little trickier as while I can find most of the individual parts (not the Ichthus type thing), I can't find the exact context. However the cross and bowl thing together could be "Inquire", "Greet", "Converse", "Get" or "Protect". The man with a weapon can mean "power", "Strike", "lesson", "Call", "Be Happy".

It could be Summon Get Call.

Megan & Mike said...

Hi Jay,

I've been reading your blog for a while now (I found it through Daniel's Lost Diary) and always look forward to your great insights. I've wanted to comment a few times but I don't have a blogger ID - so I am using the blogger profile my wife set up for our daughter's blog ( ).

Congratulations on the fellowship at Yale. I actually live in Milford, CT (about 10 minutes south of New Haven), and am originally from Queens (Rockaway Beach), NY - about 15 minutes from Shea. So yes, I too am a huge Mets fan, although after last night's loss I don't have much hope in them. And of course, I also love LOST.

Anyway, just wanted to finally comment. Now that you're in New Haven - if you ever wanted to catch a Mets game and a few beers, let me know. It's always good to catch up with a Mets fan from Queens up here in CT. (Again, I'm married with a daughter so I don't want you to think there's anything "extra" to that comment - not that there's anything wrong with that..... LOL)

My e-mail address is


Jay said...

Nice Wright jersey, Mike! :)

Thanks for the congrats! I've been up and down on the Mets all season. Em and I were at Shea on Saturday and saw a good game, though that was partially due to Smoltz' arm and the lack of Chipper. I think they'll generally be okay, but the lineup really needs to start clicking. Their dearth of home runs is starting to scare me (although maybe yesterday is the start of something).

I'll be starting at Yale in June and I'm not totally sure how my schedule is going to work out, but I'd definitely be up for an evening beer if there's a Mets game on. Where's the best place to watch a game in New Haven? :)

Jay said...

As for the glyphs, yeah Capcom, it really looks like they're just a big "OPEN HERE FOR MONSTER" sign. :)