Friday, August 21, 2009

Link Dump, 08/21/2009

Wow. Has it really been over a month since I posted? In that time, I managed to:

1) Submit my first grant proposal
2) Go on vacation (Cape Cod)
3) Have our kitchen refurbished
4) Clean up the mess from the kitchen refurbishing
5) Watch my Mets' season slide into the toilet

Now I head into the dreaded "shopping for baby" phase - yeah, Em and I are expecting our first, a girl. :)

But there still will be blogging time when I can spare it! There's been a bunch of LOST related stuff I've been meaning to post:

* First off, if you haven't seen the first two installments of this In Search Of inspired Dharma Initiative documentary ABC has produced, you're missing out. The acting is kinda cheesy, but the production values are spot on. I'm really looking forward to the next video.

* Secondly, there's been a lot of LOST Season 6 casting news, both for new and old characters. But the thing that excites me the most is the prospect of Mr. Eko returning. Granted it will probably be as either Smokey/Jacob's Nemesis or in a vision, but it would still be satisfying either way.

* Darlton says anything goes next season and everything that matters will be answered. Hmmm... we'll see. But what does everyone want to see answered? Well...

* Doc Jensen asked fans to list their Top 3 mysteries they want to see answered next season and compiled a list of the Top 15 listings. My Top 3 would be:

1) What is the Monster?
2) Who are Jacob and his Nemesis?
3) Was Fight 815 destined to crash on the Island?

#3 is kind of an umbrella question for the show itself - is science or faith more important? Do all these characters we care about have specific destinies or not? To me, answering this question satisfyingly is the key to ending the show well.

So what were Doc Jensen's Top 15 (along with whether I consider it a must or not).

15. What are the Whispers? (must)
14. What's Libby's backstory? (very much like, but not must)
13. What's the complete Dharma backstory? (must)
12. Where did The Others come from? (not must, but I think we have to get it)
11. Do all the castaways have a secret connection? (must, ties into my #3)
10. Who are Adam and Eve? (must, will be answered)
9. What's the significance of The Numbers? (already know)
8. Why are there Egyptian ruins on The Island? (see #12)
7. Where are stewardess Cindy and the kids? (eh, whatever)
6. What is the Island, anyway? (see #12, kinda ties to my #3)
5. What happened to Claire? (eh, don't we already know)
4. What was up with Walt? (sorta must, I really want to know WHY Ben wanted him)
3. What is The Monster? (only #3? really?)
2. Who is Jacob? (only #2? then what's #1?)

...and the #1 question fans asked was...

1. Why doesn't Richard Alpert age? (BWAH, HAH, HAH, HAH)

Seriously, I know it's simply a compilation of questions, but the fact that people are really fascinated with Richard more than anything made me laugh - I really thought there was no way the Monster wouldn't be #1. But I guess people love the eyeliner. :)

Posting will be a bit more frequent over the next couple weeks. Incidentally, I just started watching Battlestar Galactica over Netflix - pretty terrific so far. I think most people who like LOST would probably like BSG, for the terrific ensemble cast especially. Hope everyone's having a good summer!


Missie said...

See, my #1 question would be why must Sayid wear a shirt at all?

Anonymous said...

I've also started watching BSG, since I am having an AWFUL summer teaching English in South Korea and television is my only escape (also awesome: Flight of the Conchords, How I Met Your Mother and rewatching Lost season 3).

Do you need to watch the miniseries first? I just started with the pilot episode and it's kinda confusing. In media res.

Jay said...

Grub - You definitely have to start with the BSG miniseries - it sets up the entire series itself and gives you a lot of background info.

If you're renting the disks, the miniseries is Disk 1 of the first season DVD. Disk 2 actually starts the first season episodes. If you watch "33" before seeing the miniseries, you're probably very confused. :)