Thursday, July 16, 2009

Emmy Noms

EW's got the list of the big ones.

The good: Lost for Best Drama, Michael Emerson for Best Supporting Actor.

The bad: Nothing else (non script-wise, haven't checked the writing noms).

The ugly: Elizabeth Mitchell gets snubbed again.

I swear, what the heck does she have to do to get an Emmy Nomination, blow up a hydrogen bomb on screen? ;)

Hope your summer's going well. I'm currently buried in grant hell. Hope to escape soon. :)

1 comment:

someGirl said...

Say it ain't so Jay!!...I recently saw a preview of ABCs new fall show titiled "V" (about aliens:{) and none other than Juliet (Elizabeth Mitchell) is starring as the more Juliet?? Noooooo!!! This stinks. Typical, though; right as you get invested in a character they kill them off. Sheesh.

PS: Apologies if this is old news. I've been on a TV hiatus since LOST ended. ANY news is new news to me!