Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

I haven't had much time to blog lately, but needless to say my episode reviews will be up as usual following the show. The only difference being it may take me a day or two longer to get them up with my new commute. I also have several half-finished posts I'll try and get up and running as well. Part of the lack of posting is that I'm really, really trying not to spoil myself for the opener, a feat which is becoming increasingly difficult given that several people on the internets have seen it. Note: I have NOT read those two linked articles and they probably contain spoilers!

In the comments of my previous post, Ana has a nice review of some of the extras on the DVD (which I haven't had time to watch yet - maybe Friday since I have it off). But she also asks the following question:
Do you think Walt is a part of the “everyone” that has to go back to the island?
I think this is one of the most interesting questions going into the new season, not just for Walt, but for Desmond too. Neither of them were officially part of the Oceanic 6, yet they're arguably the two most important characters on the show. Personally, I'd be shocked if both of them didn't return to the island at some point, but who knows?

I hope everyone has a safe, happy and fun New Year! Of course, with new LOST being just three weeks away, 2009 is already shaping up to be AWESOME! :)


Capcom said...

Happy 2009!! :-)

I'd like to think that Walt needs to go back, as well as Dez. We know how Mrs.Hawking feels about Dez's connection to the island, but Walt has a connection too. And if Dez and Penny need to part again while Dez goes back, that will create their usual separation anxiety. Not to mention that Dez can't protect Penny from Ben if he has to leave her. :-o

someGirl said...

I was thinking about the "everyone" concept and it is shapping up to be a long list of people. There's Walt, Desmond & Penny (you can't have one without the other), Lapidus (my reason: he was supposed to be on flight 815), Sun's new baby (of course, and the O-6. That's gonna be one crowded time machine...jus sayin' :) I think Walt's 'specialness' is going to help all of them get back...His powers have to come into play at some point.

And another thing: I thought we already knew who definitively staged the plane in the ocean trench. Whidmore, right?? The commentary I heard was that it was still up in the air as to who is the real mastermind (i.e: the real bad guy) behind it. I'm still not convinced Ben has an ounce of good intention...he's gonna pull a fast one on all of them.

Capcom said...

Good point about Lapidus.