Friday, August 15, 2008

Pierre Chang

If you haven't seen the trippy, new video from the San Diego Comic Con yet, Lostpedia has it. In we learn:

1) Marvin Candlemundwax's real name is Pierre Chang
2) He has son or daughter somewhere
3) Daniel (!) seems like he's traveled back in time about 30 years to tell him of the future

It's actually pretty neat - at one point Chang, also wistfully clutches his arm. Nice touch. Go watch it - time IS the essence! :)


someGirl said...

Foder like this is why I love coming here, thanks Jay for this little nugget!!

But "Pierre Chang"!?!? Seriously? I kinda like the candle names better.

Hannah said...

Dude. That is so cool. I think this is the only show I have heard of that requires homework to watch it. :)

Jay said...

Yeah, "Pierre Chang" sounds kinda dumb, but I LOVED how Daniel was teh one with the camera. Out of all the newcomers, Daniel is my favorite and I really hope they give his character an expanded role next season (and the other three too, but especially Daniel). :)